Care and Maintenance of Wood Furniture

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A good piece of wooden furniture adds beauty and elevates the visual quality of your office or home.

Tips for cleaning: For optimal care always use a soft cloth for cleaning. If you do not clean your furniture properly, dust can scratch the surface of the wood. It is best to never clean your furniture with a dry cloth, this can cause dust to make microscopic scratches on the wood.

Only use furniture cleaning products. First spray it on the surface of your furniture evenly. Avoid using more spray than needed. Then wipe the surface in circular motions using a clean microfiber cloth.

Lastly wipe down the surface again with a dry cloth for a nice polish.

Never use soap and water for cleaning wooden furniture. Water is not a friend of wood as it causes swelling of the wood and staining of your furniture. Never use a wet cloth for furniture dusting. 

Enemies of your wood furnitures:

Direct Sunlight! The UV content of the sunlight damages the varnish of wood furniture.  Keeping your furniture away from direct sunlight will prolong the life of your furniture.

Liquid Spills! If any kind of liquid spills on your furniture, immediately wipe it with a dry rag. Wood should never get wet! Using coasters for your drinks will help prevent water rings.

Heat! Placing hot item on a wooden surface damages the finish of wood and leaves permanent white marks and/or spots on the exposed area. Always use coasters and thick mats to avoid direct contact of hot items with wood.

Humidity! Wood is very sensitive to humidity. As weather changes, the humidity level in your home also changes. This variation in humidity changes the moisture content of wood furniture. As a result of variation in humidity wood furniture can contract and expand. High moisture content causes the wood to swell and excessive dryness causes wood to split and crack. Therefore it is very important to maintain a normal humidity level in your home or office.

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