Bnp Paribas Moss Wall & Logo Project

Bnp Paribas Moss Wall & Logo Project

  • Project Type: Bank
  • Project Location: Palm Springs CA
  • Wall Garden Classification: Moss Wall and Moss Logo
  • Plants Used: Flat Moss , Reindeer Moss, Bun Moss
  • Size: 7' H x 7' W

BNP Paribas Bank of the West was our client in March 2017. We created logo wall green moss sign applications ”Bank of the West BNP Paribas”, ”BNP Paribas”, and ”We are Tennis” for the Indian Wells Tennis Garden VIP Suites, Palm Springs, CA, home of the BNP Paribas Open.

The bank for a changing world reinvented these interiors with the unique concept and look created by Naturalist USA. Our Moss Signs Decor brought outdoor natural beauty to these exclusive interiors. Made from sustainably sourced mosses, Naturalist USA's Green Moss Sign applications at Indian Wells Tennis Gardens VIP Suites look amazing and harmoniously promote the values of BNP Paribas Bank of the West.

State of the Art VIP Suites at Indian Wells Tennis Garden of BNP Paribas

VIP Suites at Indian Wells Tennis Garden BNP Paribas Open provide the ultimate luxury experience. With their iconic, mid-century modern architecture, these gorgeous VIP suites provide all the comfort you may need while watching the action on the tennis court. All VIP suites are air-conditioned, with private restrooms and flat-screen televisions that show live broadcasts and updates of all match courts. To provide the full experience, each suite has its own spacious balcony. Functional, comfortable, and relaxing, VIP suites at Indian Wells Tennis Garden BNP Paribas Open provide everything you may need during your stay. Even food and beverage are being served.

Taking place annually in March, the Indian Wells Tennis Garden is home to the BNP Paribas Open, one of the premier professional tournaments in the world. Preparing for the annual event, BNP Paribas Bank of the West ennobled their VIP suits with Naturalist USA's green logo moss signs.

BNP Paribas Logo Green Moss Signs by Naturalist USA

Naturalist USA has a unique concept recognized across the U.S. It was our honor to embellish the interior of BNP Paribas Indian Wells Tennis Garden VIP suites with the unique decor of our logo green moss signs and gardens.

Featuring ”BNP Paribas” and ”BNP Paribas Bank of the West” signs, Naturalist USA created unique vertical wall art pieces. Our skilled technicians used Flat Moss, Bunn Moss, and Reindeer Moss to add a touch of green from the tennis court to this striking interior decor.

Naturalist USA deep green wall gardens bring the freshness of the plants and introduce intriguing contrasts between different mosses. We used these contrasts to recreate the logo of the BNP Paribas Bank of the West. Green as the fresh grass of the tennis courts at Indian Wells Tennis Garden BNP Paribas Open, logo green moss signs bring tranquility and serenity into these rooms. Delivering powerful and effective branding while providing instant relaxation spots, custom logo green moss signs are the perfect choice for VIP Suites at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Palm Springs, CA.

We are Tennis BNP Paribas Green Signs Promote the Love for Tennis

BNP Paribas Bank of the West has supported tennis for the last 45 years. Sharing the values of fair play, high performance, and responsiveness with tennis, BNP Paribas is now the leading partner of tennis worldwide. ”We are Tennis” is the Group’s global community of tennis fans completely focused on the latest news from the world of tennis. It all started when BNP Paribas became the official sponsor of Rolland Garros French Open in 1973. The Group financed the construction of the center court box seats at the Rolland Garros stadium. That was their entrance to the world of tennis.

Naturalist USA reinvented ”We are Tennis” sign using the power of green wall gardens. We used three types of mosses Flat Moss, Bunn Moss, and Reindeer Moss to create wall garden applications in Indian Wells Tennis Gardens VIP Suites. Deep, intense green color on the base of the sign contrasts the We are letters in light green, delicate and soft appearance.

Moss in cream color brings a moment of playfulness and action. Just like on the tennis court, these green logo moss signs communicate action, the playfulness of movement, and the serenity of green. These signs enable you to easily focus just as the grass on the stadium helps players to concentrate. At the same time, the company logos in green promote BNP Paribas’ dedication to one of the most popular sports of today — tennis.

Naturalist USA Logo Green Signs are Stress-Free & Maintenance-Free

Naturalist USA's unique concept was the perfect way to achieve the look BNP Paribas wanted in their VIP Suites at Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Through the power of our gorgeous, sustainably sourced mosses, we always capture the essence of the message you want to pass and the soul of the brand you wish to promote. Each of our green moss signs is not only a composition of various green mosses flawlessly combined with each other. Custom green logo moss signs can become powerful, compelling garden company logos.

We will create a company logo that is 100 percent maintenance free. From the very beginning of the process, we aim to provide the most efficient and top quality service.

We start off by carefully listening to your idea and continue by implementing our authentic creative process.

Naturalist USA technicians and designers develop vertical corporate gardens, VIP gardens, and logo wall art using mosses, leaves, and ferns of the highest quality.

Exquisite, unmatched look is always guaranteed but it’s not the only thing that it will amaze you. When you install a Naturalist USA company logo, you won’t have to maintain it at all. Feel free to forget everything you knew about live plants maintenance. Our green sign and wall gardens don’t need any watering, misting, light, or soil. On top of all, we guarantee their fresh-cut, vibrant appearance for a minimum of 5 years. To last you even longer than 5 years, try to keep them away from the direct sunlight and let them stand in a room temperature.