Boqueria Restaurant

Stunning Wall Garden Project at Boqueria Restaurant, NYC

  • Project Type: Restaurant
  • Project Location: Manhattan, NY
  • Plant Used: Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, Ming fern, Parchament Fern, Tropical Leaf, Barba Plant, Salal, Cocolus, Hedera, Brunia, Broom, Amarantus, Adianthum, Gunny, Solidago, Plume Fern
  • Wall Garden Classification: Lush and Leafy
  • Size: 9' H x 7' W

Found in New York City’s busy midtown neighborhood is Boqueria, the newest location of the lively Barcelona-inspired tapas bar that offers a taste of Spain in the heart of NYC. Its menu of seasonal dishes, enticing cocktails, pastries and coffee, and spacious dining area invoke the flavors and feeling of the Mediterranean.

A restaurant with this sense of grandeur—replete with an 85-seat dining room, 20-seat bar, plus dining patio and 27-foot windows—calls for a lobby design of equal splendor.

Picking up on the Mediterranean feel of the space, Naturalist (formerly known as Flowerbox Wall Gardens) created a densely lush wall garden application that greets patrons upon entering and completes the restaurant’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Lush, leafy, and tropical, this gorgeous moss logo is reminiscent of Spain’s natural wonders and radiant beauty.

A unique hospitality design, the logo was made with flat moss, bunn moss, and reindeer moss as a base, with an abundance of various types of ferns and leaves strategically placed to create a symphony of natural beauty.

The various shades of green and plethora of textures are soothing, while tasteful pops of red energize the design, the perfect balance for a trendy New York City establishment.

We captured the ethos of this buzzy hotspot and created a sense of wealth and abundance.

The new moss logo allows for a reprieve from the chaos of NYC living and complements Boqueria’s warm, minimalist interior, designed by Studio Razavi Architecture. With this as inspiration, we created a maintenance-free vertical wall garden whose lushness and tropical flare perfectly juxtapose the restaurant’s wooden furnishings, cream tones, and soft lighting.

This is a restaurant design like no other and, like all of our wall garden installations, will remind you of our connection to nature.

Benefits of Preserved Moss Wall Gardens

As always, our moss wall art pieces are leak-proof and nuisance-free, made with 100% natural preserved moss for a maintenance-free, worry-free experience.

The zero post-installation challenges also contribute to significantly lower expenses for the client.

LEED certified and guaranteed to stay fresh and vibrant for five years, Naturalist’s wall gardens demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. They don’t need watering, misting, light, or soil.

A true work of art, they will inspire feelings of serenity, stillness, and restfulness, even in the busiest places.