Live Edge Dining Tables

We bring you one-of-a-kind Live Edge Slabs from the Mediterranean. Sustainably harvested, these slabs are 100% wood gathered from the well-managed forests of Turkey. 

Native to these forests, walnut, oak, plane, beech and ash trees are very valuable tree species. Thanks to their efficient harvesting, younger trees gain access to vital sunlight and nutrients needed to grow into healthy trees and form sustainable forests for future generations.

Naturalist brings these dying trees back to life and into your living space with one-of-a-kind timeless designs.

Spellbinding Live Edge Dining Table Designs for Homes and Offices

Our eye-catching Live Edge Dining Table designs easily bring life, rustic feel, and a timeless appeal to any space!
Each of our Live Edge dining room table slabs offers:

One-Of-A-Kind Design

Functional Art

Sleek Look

Natural Conversation Piece

Imported from Earth

Custom Design

Hand Made

Timeless Heirloom


Beautifully styled, original, and super functional, Naturalist Live Edge Wood Dining Table designs bring unique personality to your home or office. Whether you are looking for a large conference table that can accommodate the whole team or a dining table for ten, we got a slab for you! Even if you need a Live Edge Dining Table for a small apartment, we will make sure to find the right slab of appropriate size that will upgrade your space with refinement and character.

All Naturalist rustic Live Edge Dining Table options command attention from anyone who enters the room. You can be anywhere in the room but from anywhere you stand you will see another intriguing, enchanting side of the natural beauty these live edge dining table top designs radiate.

Exuding timeless style in a world where trends constantly change, Naturalist Live Edge Dining Table designs present a cozy gathering place for your family and friends for countless of generations that everyone will easily fall in love with. All the beautiful slabs we ethically source for our live edge dining room table pieces have stood the test of time, just like the craft we are so proud of.

Sustainable Live Edge Dining Table Designs That Wow

If you're looking for a natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable option to upgrade your dining room or a conference room, choose from various Naturalist Live Edge Dining Table options that offer one-of-a-kind, organic, and rustic look. Live edge epitomizes sustainability. Immediately drawing your attention and providing a natural, soothing aura to both traditional and contemporary interiors, all Naturalist Live Edge organic dining table options feature 100% wood slabs sustainably gathered from the well-managed forests of Mediterranean and Turkey. Walnut, oak, plane, beech, and ash trees can refine your home or office and show your dedication to the sustainable way of living and your appreciation for nature.

Each Naturalist Live Edge Dining Table for sale is an exclusive item that will easily adapt to diverse interiors and introduce versatility to your home or office. Feel free to be proud of the fact that no one else in the whole wide world has a similar dining table! By introducing a natural live edge dining table unique texture and finish to your living space, you get an opportunity to distinct your interior from all the rest.

You will love the look of your Live Edge Dining Table by Naturalist when you see how well it fuses various styles, from minimalist and industrial, to traditional, rustic, and shabby chic. Find the right balance and choose from light, even wood grain for modern interiors and darker wood tones for rustic spaces.

Live Edge Design where Human Craft and Nature's Beauty Meet

Each Naturalist Live Edge Dining Table for sale is crafted following high standards and never compromising on quality. Our skilled artisans feel tremendous pride in work they do. Their crafting process is defined by an artistic concept, high engineering accuracy, exceptional woodworking skills and talent, and respect for nature.

To create natural Live Edge Dining Table options like these, you need to be patient, skilled, knowledgeable, and, above all, you need to genuinely love and appreciate wood material. First of all, chosen wood slabs need to be properly air dried, then slow kiln dried, and finally briefly kilned at a higher temperature. This is a slow process that allows the wood to keep all of its superb visual and functional characteristics. If a wood slab doesn't dry well, it will distort and crack with each change in humidity and temperature.

When creating a custom designed piece of a Live Edge Dining Table, Naturalist artisans make sure to use sufficiently substantial slab as a base and multiple inlays to ensure the stability and durability. They also apply protective finish thoroughly to the live edge dining table top and slab undersides to additionally prevent stresses, cracking, or warping. This is how we make certain our Live Edge Dining Tables can serve generations to come.

Naturalist makes sure to choose only sustainably harvested and most beautiful slabs of walnut, oak, plane, beech and ash trees. This is one of the most exciting parts of our work. These slabs are pure treasures and we have the honor to prolong their life without compromising their functionality as dining tables. Each of our Live Edge Dining Table designs is a real gem because of their extraordinary, singular look, and the balance of nature, art, and engineering.

Introduce Durable Raw Beauty with Naturalist Live Edge Dining Table to Your Interiors

Naturalist is proud to offer the finest Live Edge Dining Table designs made from the most beautiful and sustainable natural resources in the world. These unique looking wood slabs will convey the warmth of the Mediterranean and give your dining room or office a one-of-a-kind look and genuine vibe.

We know that the beauty of both the natural world and pleasing interiors lies in the details. This is why we make sure to choose intriguing and exciting pieces that will serve you, your family and your loved ones for generations to come.

For custom sizing as well as base options, please contact us at Whether you're a homeowner or an interior designer, we know you will find each of our Live Edge Dining Table for sale attractive, heart-stirring, and inspiring. Create an interior that will win hearts and minds with Naturalist Live Edge Dining Table designs.