Modern & Unique Rugs

Modern & Antique Rugs
Our modern and unique rugs are handwoven by Anatolia’s best master weavers or created by selecting amazing antique rugs and bringing them back to life.
We cross beyond the boundaries of traditional and antique rug making practices and contribute to the sustainability of a centuries-old culture and fair trade practices.
Each one of our rugs is unique with original designs and color combinations. We use only 100% organic wool and dyes that yield incredibly vibrant and lasting colors. Imperfections in
the natural materials are left untouched as they give each rug its unique character.
For those who want a life that is connected with nature and surrounded with less clutter and more lasting, authentic objects, Naturalist connects these two worlds by introducing a raw, handmade element to the homes of the urban nomads everywhere.
We stand behind our products and guarantee that your rug will age with reclaimed beauty for future generations to enjoy.
Modern, Unique & Antique Rugs