Design Categories

Though all of our wall gardens are truly one of a kind, we find that most of our designs can be categorized into one of the following four groups. Moss Variation, Moss Art, Natural Growth, and Lush & Leafy. We also offer a wide range of Moss Logo works with our preserved moss plant material.

Moss Variation

Moss Variation Walls, to Naturalist and its team of tenured moss artists, means your basic run of the mill moss wall. Maybe it is one single type of moss like a full Bun Moss wall or all Flat Moss for a budget friendly green feature. Our Moss Wall category includes all of our singular and organic moss variation moss wall designs.

Natural and Budget Friendly Moss Walls

This is the category for both budget friendly and natural aesthetic in a preserved wall garden feature. We begin with a predetermined amount of materials and then our Moss Artists work their moss magic adhering the moss to its backerboard in a design that flows with each new selection of moss. These walls appear to be incredibly organic, almost ‘found in nature’ and are great for adding a company logo or catchphrase with our Moss Logo options.

Moss Art

Moss Art Walls are different from any other category as they are almost always our interpretation of a predetermined design provided to us by our clients. This can be a plethora of things such as a favorite artwork, a swirling design, a geometric design, shapes, human figures or animals, symbols or icons, and so much more. Over the years our team has had the pleasure of working for companies like LG to create a Naturalist Moss Art rendition of two Korean tapestries that were provided by LG’s design team.

Art Reimagined using Natural Moss as a Medium

Many of our smaller applications fall into this category as it is a wonderful way to add a dose of nature and color to your designed spaces. The natural moss we use can be manipulated into many different colors allowing us to create true art with moss. For some clients adding a hint of a company color is just the touch they are looking for, and for others adding dashes of pastels that bring out certain heus in fabric chosen for the seating in the space add the finishing touch.

Natural Growth

We call ourselves “Naturalist” for a reason, we simply want to Let Nature In. It is said that a Naturalist is any person who studies the world around them. One who considered the ever changing nature between environment, indoor and out, and the organisms who inhabit it. There is a Naturalist inside all of us and our Natural Growth category is dedicated to exactly this.

Larger Scale Applications Have a Life of Their Own

When working on larger scale applications our team finds that the moss and plants all tend to take on a formation of their own. Almost as if they are slowly working themselves back together again. Our Natural Growth designs begin with a general layout that we approve with our clients through renderings. Though the design is approved pre-fabrication, there will always be natural differences between the renderings and the physical installation. Our goal is to let nature in while ensuring the feeling of being in nature is perceived as often as possible.

Lush & LeafyOur number one selling category!

Preserved plants are what make this moss wall category truly come to life. Naturalist stocks more than 15 types of preserved plants to be used for our Lush & Leafy designs. The base of these wall gardens is moss, and our team of designers follow approved client renderings to create lush designs like you see below. Being our best selling category there is no doubt that these vibrant walls overflowing with nature’s beauty will bring the wow factor to your next project.

Adding signage to a Lush & Leafy wall garden is one of our favorite ways to create biophilic moments within the built environment. As humans whether we recognize it or not, our subconscious is in a constant state of craving nature. This is one reason why our moss walls a regularly used in office spaces, hospitality establishments, airports, malls and many more locations where we humans endup completely disconnected from the green world around us.

Moss Logo

What better way to show your clients that you care for sustainability than with an impactful Moss Logo. Our team of designers will take your current logo and rework it (while staying true to your brand identity, of course) into a piece of green art for your office lobby, workstations or lounge. We work with many types of materials to achieve a look that suits your brand and convey a soothing welcome to your patrons.

We have the ability to create a wide range of, what we call Moss Logos, with our preserved moss and plants.

  • Plexi with Vinyl
  • Plexi with Sintra
  • Channeled Letters
  • Moss Letters
  • Moss Letters Inlay
  • High Density Foam

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We look forward to the unique opportunities our clients bring us to create the perfect biophilic moment for their spaces!

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