Design Categories

Narrowing down your design category is the first step of our design process. Though all of our wall gardens are truly one of a kind, we find that most of our designs can be categorized into one of the following collections. Moss Variation, Moss Art, Natural Growth, Lush & Leafy, Moss Logos, and Faux or Faux-Real wall gardens.
Whether you choose a collection for its budget relevance or its aesthetic characteristics, the NATURALIST nod to our mission of strengthening the human-nature connection remains the same. The attention to detail that goes into each hand-placed piece of moss and the individual leaf makes every application a true one-of-a-kind creation.
Creating opportunities for a human-nature connection can look different to everyone. Our team works closely with you to understand what that connection should look like to you and the project owner and then makes it happen.

Moss Variation

A tonal moss wall is always a good idea! The Moss Variation collection showcases our core collection of moss walls. Many of the biophilic designs that fall into this category are made up of one type of moss that flaunts its natural variations of texture and color. Some include one singular moss type in a range of manipulated colors (think pinks, purples and even blue moss) while others utilize many moss types to create aerial view maps, replicated images, nature scapes and more!
Moss Variation walls, to NATURALIST and its team of tenured moss artists, means your standard moss wall. Maybe it is one single type of moss like a full Bun Moss wall or Flat Moss only for a budget friendly green feature. No matter the combination it creates a serene sense of calm. Our Moss Wall category includes all of our singular and organic moss variation moss wall designs

Suitable for Nominal Budget Projects

Budget friendly natural aesthetic in a preserved wall garden feature, that’s our Moss Variation category. We begin by preparing a predetermined amount of materials and then our Green Artists work their moss magic. Adhering the moss to its backerboard in a design that flows with the next selection of moss to follow creates the feel of the outdoors. These walls appear to be incredibly organic, almost ‘found in nature’. Oh, and they are great for adding a company logo, tagline or catchphrase! See our Moss Logo category for more on logo works provided by NATURALIST.

Moss Art

Moss Art walls are different from any other category as they are almost always our interpretation of a predetermined design provided to us by our clients. This can be a plethora of things such as a rendition of a favorite artwork, a swirling design, a geometric pattern, abstract shapes, human figures or animals, symbols or icons, and so much more.
City maps, topographical maps have been a favorite with our clients. With an in-house woodwork-shop the NATURALIST team of artisans are equipped with all of the tools necessary to make any map you choose truly come to life on the walls (or even the ceiling) of your next project.
Over the years our team has had the pleasure of working for companies like LG North America to create a NATURALIST Moss Art rendition of two Korean tapestries that were provided by the LG Korea design team. One of those immaculate creations is shown below.

Art Reimagined using Natural Moss as a Medium

Many of our smaller applications fall into this category as it is a wonderful way to add a dose of nature and color to your designed space while cutting back on budget. The natural moss we use can be manipulated into many different colors allowing us to create true art with moss. For some clients adding a hint of a company color is just the touch they are looking for, and for others adding dashes of pastels that bring out certain heus in fabric chosen for the seating in the space add the finishing touch.

Natural Growth

The Natural Growth category includes our widest range of design options. Moss is used, plants are used and oftentimes additional natural and faux elements are added. From manzanita branches, birch wood, to mushrooms and faux rocks we aim to create naturescapes that cause you to pause and appreciate the natural world surrounding us that is all too easily passed by.

We call ourselves “NATURALIST” for a reason, we believe to Strengthen the Human-Nature Connection you simply have to Let Nature In.

It is said that a ‘Naturalist’ is any person who studies the world around them. One who considers the ever changing nature between environment, indoor and out, and the organisms who inhabit it. There is a NATURALIST inside all of us. Our Natural Growth category is dedicated to exactly this.

Larger Scale Applications Have a Life of Their Own

When working on larger scale applications our team finds that the moss and plants all tend to take on a formation of their own. Almost as if they are slowly working themselves back together again. Our Natural Growth designs begin with a general layout that we approve with our clients through complimentary design renderings. Though the design is approved pre-fabrication, there will always be natural differences between the renderings and the physical installation. Our goal is to let nature in while ensuring the feeling of being truly in nature is perceived as often as possible.

Lush & LeafyOur Flagship Collection!

Preserved plants are what make this design category awaken. NATURALIST stocks more than 15 types of preserved plants to be used for our Lush & Leafy designs. However, the base material of these wall gardens is moss. Our team of Green Artists follow approved client renderings to create lush designs like you see below. Being our best selling category there is undeniable support that these vibrant walls, overflowing with nature’s beauty, will bring the wow factor to your next project.

Adding signage to a Lush & Leafy wall garden is one of our favorite ways to create biophilic moments within the built environment. As humans whether we recognize it or not, our subconscious is in a constant state of craving nature. This is one reason why our moss walls are regularly used in office spaces, hospitality establishments, airports, malls and many more locations where we humans end up completely disconnected from the green world around us.


It’s Human-Nature to want to explore the natural world.

Moss Logo

What better way to show your clients that you care for sustainability than with an impactful Moss Logo. Our team of Green Artists will take your current logo and rework it (while staying true to your brand identity, of course) into a piece of green art for your office lobby, workstations, lounge or anywhere else your employees and patrons frequent. We work with many types of materials to achieve a look that suits your brand and conveys a most beautiful welcome.

In our 20,000 square foot facility in Hoboken, NJ we have the ability to create a wide range of Moss Logos. Combining our preserved moss and plants with your typical signage materials like; plexi, vinyl, sintra, aluminum, HD foam and more we can create boundless biophilic sign options.

What Can We

Create Together?

We look forward to the unique opportunities our clients bring us to create the perfect biophilic moment for their spaces!


Faux & Faux-Real Walls

We love a good Faux Wall just as much as our real preserved moss and plant walls. But we get it, exterior walls need love too! Where preserved plants cannot go our Faux Walls can. Being that this collection is made up of, lets just say it, fake plants, it can be installed in nearly any setting. The NATURALIST Green Artist will take these plants anywhere and deliver the same consideration for creating an environment that soothes and enhances the Human-Nature experience with our Faux Wall garden panels.
Maintenance free exterior green walls are economical and can be used indoor and outdoors. Our artificial greenery creations are both fire rated and weather treated to withstand UV-rays, precipitation and wind. Typically created in 2.5’ x 2.5’ these semi prefabricated panels make covering large exterior wells easy. Like our preserved wall gardens these green walls are also custom made.

Green Walls with Absolutely Zero Upkeep

Succulents make a great addition to the Faux Wall collection giving a complimentary change of color and texture while harmoniously creating the perfect green backdrop for a patio, roof top or pool deck. These green walls can be incredibly cost effective as an entry level wall garden or become a wild jungle like application that can fall in line with our preserved Lush & Leafy pricing.


Maybe you want the best of both of our NATURALIST worlds? The faux and the real. We get that! Boy, do we get that. The rapid growth of the green building industry has shown us that as equal parts designers and consumers, we must be adaptive to create opportunities for Human-Nature connections. Faux-Real makes this possible by combining our preserved materials with our high quality faux plants.

Within the built environment there are various levels of direct and indirect sun exposure to walls. The Faux-Real collection allows for a higher sun exposure tolerance than that of our completely preserved walls that should be away from direct sunlight. Our Green Artists have extensive experience with what plants can be exposed to certain lighting conditions. If a representative of our company asks you for real-time images of the space your wall garden will be installed this is usually why. By seeing the space in daylight we can infer the general plantscape for a wall garden application.

What Can We

Create Together?

We look forward to the unique opportunities our clients bring us to create the perfect biophilic moment for their spaces!