• Project Type: Restaurant
  • Project Location: Hoboken NJ
  • Wall Garden Classification: Moss Wall and Planter
  • Plants Used: Bun Moss
  • Size: 7’H x 9′ W

It took a unique concept, crafty hands, experience, and dedication to completely transform walls and create the perfect green indoor space for Halifax.

The client deeply cares about sustainable ingredients in their menus, so it’s no wonder they wanted a sustainable and eco-friendly indoor decor to complement the experience they create for their guests. And just like how their chef puts his personal touch on the restaurant’s offerings, we put our signature on Halifax Restaurant’s decor for an unparalleled experience of green indoors.

We designed this moss wall garden to the client’s specifications and adjusted our unique concept to their idea and vision of how their interior should look like. The system we used consists of a fully customizable frame with preserved plants.

We attached the plants at various points. The result of this project is an exclusive, original design made of preserved reindeer moss, preserved bun moss, and preserved flat moss.

Just by glancing at this moss wall garden, both guests and the restaurant’s staff are mesmerized by its energizing greens and soft, velvety texture look. Being around this preserved moss wall art makes patrons feel calm, happy, and invigorated. With great food, friendly and polite staff, and gorgeous, rejuvenating interiors, patrons will not only feel refreshed and renewed—They will want to come back soon and bring their friends and family.

The staff of Halifax Restaurant is elated about the zero-maintenance attribute of our custom preserved moss wall garden. There is no soil, no light specification, no watering, and no misting requirements for this moss garden. This means there are no additional investments in the restaurant’s interior design. The spectacular moss wall art will stay fresh, vibrant, and stunning for 5 years, guaranteed!

Transform a regular restaurant wall into a beautiful and unique experience.

We carefully selected plants, put them in unique, rustic wood planters, and added our passion and love for the green interiors. When architecture meets nature, the results are nothing but spectacular! Interior design here is quite unique, combining concrete walls, metal, and rustic wood planters with green preserved plants. Guests of Halifax Restaurant feel naturally drawn into the space and fully enjoy nature’s beauty indoors.

Beautiful Amarantus and evergreen Hedera ivy come together to create the perfect wall garden. The high-end plants we utilized meet and harmonize in the floating rustic boxes planters located above the restaurant’s bar. The plants are preserved to keep bringing life into the indoor environment for patrons for years to come.

We are happy and honored to be a part of Halifax Restaurant’s innovative and creative project. Being able to put our signature on their interiors with our unique wall gardens, we continue to familiarize more and more people with our eco-friendly and sustainable design. Creating a unique decor using preserved indoor plants with Naturalist USA’s unique concept and methods, was nothing but enjoyable!

We are sure you will be inspired to transform your place of business or home interior after viewing the Halifax Restaurant space. If there is something you’d like created, we would be happy to hear your ideas and work with you. Our Naturalist Wall Gardens team offers amazing collaboration and top-notch customer service. Contact us today with your ideas and questions!