PEGA Solutions Wall Garden Art Created to Enhance Office Creativity

PEGA Solutions Wall Garden Art Created to Enhance Office Creativity

When PEGA solutions in Washington, D.C. commissioned us to do a lush and leafy five by seven-foot wall garden, we virtually had a clean slate to work with. The office was still under construction, with the walls exposed and drywall not yet finished. It was a perfect time to start a project that would soon become the focal point for their daily operations. The owners were looking for something eye-catching, bold, and had a lot of texture.

Bringing a Little of the Great Outdoors in With Wall Garden Art

PEGA Solutions is a computer automation and robotics company that deals with very concrete and complex problem-solving issues. We thought adding a little whimsical would stimulate creativity and out of the box thinking. With so much seriousness going on throughout the day, we wanted to bring in a little of the great outdoors to keep things light and less stressful in such a competitive industry.

Triple Fold Wall Garden Design – Increase Productivity, Absorb Chaos, and Enhance Mood

We also wanted something that will help to absorb the office chaos and promote productivity, as plants do by enhancing mood. Instead of building the wall garden art and then hanging it where people want it, this wall art was recessed into the wall, which allowed us to have a lot of leeways for things to overhang and get a little “wild”.

Various Colors and Lengths to Create A Pattern Amid the Discord

For this design, we decided to let the plants do all the work and build a basic wood border that would blend into the background, yet define the piece. We then placed Flat moss, Hedera leaves, Diosmi, and Pittosporum. In one corner we mixed overhanging leaves with various deep green and nearly blue hues along with elegant accents of white, to give it a spicy yet classic interplay. Next, we placed moss in bunches to add textures. Then, throughout, we staggered various colors with differing lengths of plants to give it a patterned stripe.

A Preserved Wall Garden to Help the Office Flow

Since the office space will eventually have warm hues and calm decor, we thought we would add just a little more excitement with varying lengths, colors, and lots of things to look at. The depth of the wall garden will provide soundproofing, which will help the office space. And we hope that the passion we put into the garden wall art piece will help the creativity in the office flow and bounce, and lead to some sensational things.

Thanks to PEGA for the Opportunity

We would like to thank PEGA Solutions for allowing us to be a part of their new office building's design. Our mission was to provide them with a breath of fresh air, amid chaos. And also to help their brainstorming and creative spirit shine. Thanks for letting us help—we hope that your company will grow and prosper !