Preserved Logo Wall Garden Art for Wolfpack Fitness in Hoboken, NJ

Preserved Logo Wall Garden Art for Wolfpack Fitness in Hoboken, NJ

The thing that is most exciting about wall gardens is that they help to bring any space to life and breathe some fresh air, literally, into any decor. At Naturalist, we love working with small, independent business owners who are looking to brand their image and create something unique that sets them apart from their competitors.

Finding Motivation to Get Clients Motivated

Diego, one of the owners of Wolfpack Fitness, perused our showroom in Hoboken last summer to try to find motivation for the decor of his new private personal training gym. He wanted to use our wall garden art to create a private training gym that came alive with energy, and what better way to do that than with live wall art to inspire his clients.

Wolfpack Fitness is a studio that has been completely designed around the idea that being fit is about creating a better “you” both inside and out. The “Wolfpack” is an entire community formed around partnering trainers with clients for mutual motivation, support, and encouragement.

The Wolfpack Private Studio Brand is Born

The two pieces that we created are now the cornerstone of the studio. The logo wall piece that we designed has the Wolfpack emblem embedded into a fresh and crisp preserved wall art backdrop. We worked very closely with owners Mario and Diego to make it refreshing, eye-catching, and to make a quick and lasting impression on everyone who walks through the door. The other piece has lush greens and textures to attract the eye. The Wolfpack name makes a bold statement, which is exactly what the gym intends to do in the community of Hoboken.

Our preserved wall art pieces are not just art, they have become the brand for the Wolfpack gym, shown proudly on their Facebook page.

We are honored to have created something so fantastic to help get their new gym off the ground and create a space that will help to motivate their customers to go harder, push on through, and stay focused on finding the best version of “you”.

Transforming and Working Together

Diego and Mario have such an uplifting message and personalities that they inspired us to join their family. We transformed their studio, and they are now transforming the owner of our company, who is enjoying their private, and challenging, training sessions. It has been an amazing journey for us, and hopefully for them too. And we look forward to supporting their small business and watching it grow to new heights!