Resta by Naturalist is a stunning chair made out of solid metal srtucture with a golden base and grey seat cushion with a marvelous blue backrest. It’s incredibly comfortable and easy to combine with other furniture pieces. You can use this chair to create a dining room set or as a single, beautiful office or statement chair. The Resta chair is one of those versatile segments that can fit into any interior design of any room. This chair has a laid back, casual vibe but because of the beautiful golden metal color, you can definitely use it in a sophisticated atmosphere. Introduce the great Resta chair into your home and enjoy the signature Naturalist look and exceptional quality for many years to come. All of our furniture, including chairs and tables, is made with the utmost attention to detail and the best craftsmanship there is. We pride ourselves on providing not just products, but a truly warm and timeless Naturalist experience.

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