Wickers is a luxurious chair by Naturalist, made out of beech wood and upholstered with green leather. The armrests are made out of wood with an incredible, detailed pattern and green leather accents on top of the armrest. The chair has a cozy and comfortable appearance, and the distressed leather look only contributes more to this feeling. When you sit in this chair you will be transported to a different time. With a vintage-inspired look, this chair inevitably creates some sweet nostalgic feelings and we’re definitely in love with it. If you are creating a comfy, cozy living room or office, with an undeniable hygge vibe, then this timeless and classic chair will be perfect for you. The charming Wickers chair would work great as a statement or accent furniture piece for home interiors. It can also casually blend into an office setting, because of its versatility. Designed with a lot of care, this chair will last for a long time and as with many other Naturalist furniture pieces, it can be used as an heirloom piece.

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