Elevation Fitness-Washington D.C.

If you ever visit the building in Washington D.C. located at 1000 Wilson Blvd. you will have the opportunity to see a few wall gardens. One large living wall that we did not install, but is fantastic inside and very impactful! If you head up the stairs by this lush wall you will come to the Elevation Fitness Center access that greets you with this Logo Wall made of Preserved Moss and Plants. Naturalist had the opportunity to create this lovely green wall and the results are stunning! We used a combination of different leafy and moss plants to add a variety of textures and colors to this piece. It is completely maintenance-free, unlike the lush wall that requires an irrigation system providing frequent watering. This wall garden will stay vibrant and green for a minimum of five years without any maintenance. Yes, you heard that right. Not only does it not require irrigation, but this wall also won’t need direct sunlight, soil, and it won’t get infested with bugs! 

Living walls that require watering, or a beautiful, maintenance-free preserved moss wall? The choice is obvious! The impact of green is always positive, and you simply cannot go wrong when you let nature in with our works of nature and art. So contact Naturalist today and let’s get started on your own wall garden project!