Ignitia Wall Garden

  • Project Type: Co-Working Space
  • Project Location: Brooklyn NY
  • Wall Garden Classification: Lush and leafy
  • Plants Used: Flat Moss , Reindeer Moss , Hedera , Parchement Fern , Broom , Beargrass
  • Size: 9′ H x 10′ W

Naturalist USA believes that inspiring interiors can make wonders for productivity, health, and overall well-being.

The Ignitia coworking space featuring our beautiful wall garden installation, based in Brooklyn, NYC, is one of such places. We can accomplish wonders, led by the vision of the right people, brought together in the right place.

Ignitia strives to create an ideal space for everyone who needs a place to work. Their office is a stunning and spacious, occupying the historic building in Brooklyn that once served as a Studebaker service station. It underwent an exhaustive, thorough renovation before it re-opened. The Ignitia co-working space is a popular place to work in NYC.

“Naturalist USA’s team of designers and technicians were entrusted with creating a soothing and motivating decor at Ignitia’s office space. We designed and handcrafted the wall garden application for their large meeting room. Round wall gardens were ideal for the lounge area, while the moss logo application was placed at their entrance. We also created aMoss Wall for the Ignitia entrance booth.

Moss Wall Garden Applications For Enhanced Focus And Inspiration

Just like its name comes from the word ignition or to ignite, Ignitia’s co-working space introduces a new concept in office interior design. By incorporating our preserved moss wall garden applications into their interior decor, Ignitia added excitement, fresh energy, and a unique momentum to this urban workplace interior.

The Moss Logo Application Will Be One Of The First Things You Will See At The Entrance Of Ignitia's Co-Working Space.

The entrance booth is refined with a preserved moss wall. The focus point of Ignitia’s large meeting room is our custom wall garden application. Many round wall gardens found their places on the walls of the lounge area. Our skillful team of designers and technicians created these vertical wall gardens for Ignitia’s office using three different types of mosses and a few more preserved plants. Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, Hedera Leaves, and Amarantus joined to provide a totally unique interior decor and working experience.

Strategically Positioned So That Everyone Working At Ignitia's Co-Working Space Can Benefit From Them, Naturalist USA's Wall Gardens Inspire, Help With Focus, And Soothe.

When people are in a natural environment, they function better. Although physically being in nature is better, being able to look at and absorb even small portions of nature does wonders for our well-being. So, when choosing a co-working space, choose the one with a view of nature.

Allow yourself to be motivated, inspired, and soothed by the natural beauty of the outdoors brought indoors. Choose Ignitia’s Office in Brooklyn, NY, and make sure to take breaks between tasks. Come to the lounge area and unwind easily just by looking at Naturalist USA’s calming, comforting moss wall gardens applications.

Award-Winning Moss Wall Gardens Bring Beauty & Function to Ignitia’s Office Space

Everyone who works in an office or from home knows how important interior is for their success. Motivation, energy, and inspiration are directly linked to the decor that surrounds you. The leaders of Ignitia’s co-working space in Brooklyn, NY know that a beautiful environment created with passion inspires.

This is why they created a special hub for people who run startups and small businesses in NYC. Because of its unique look, sleek, minimalist design and distinctive ambiance, Ignitia remains an incomparable office space for anyonewho wants different, better, and more. Ignitia simply redefines our expectations of an office space.

Realizing the positive effects of the natural green surroundings, Ignitia hired us to decorate their interiors with our unique vertical wall gardens. Using different types of mosses and other preserved plants, we brought natural beauty to the Ignitia co-working space interiors. The beauty followed function. Just by looking at them, Naturalist USA preserved moss wall gardens improve mood and cognitive performance. They also successfully reduce stress.