About us


Naturalist Interiors, made up of skilled woodworkers and design professionals, is the leading provider of ultra-clear epoxy resin and wood furniture.

We are dedicated to honoring crafts that stand the test of time and ensuring that traditional woodworking skills are not replaced by mass-production. With an unmatched passion for modernizing tradition, our team of designers pull from the roots our Turkish culture for inspiration. Naturalist’s unique furniture concept bonds epoxy resin with reclaimed walnut wood from the well-managed forests of Turkey. Each piece is handcrafted by makers who have kept alive the age-old techniques of woodworking and coupled them with the innovative concept of liquid resin pouring. The result is a fusion of natural elements with modern materials that preserves and accentuates nature’s delicate but rustic details. From coffee and dining tables to credenzas and cubes, everything we produce is fully customizable, allowing our clients to transform our designs into one that fits their space—and is truly one of a kind.

Serkan Yapicilar

Founder and lead designer Serkan Yapicilar, a Turkish entrepreneur with over thirteen years of experience in home interior products, is the visionary behind Naturalist’s wood and resin works. Yapicilar leads the company in its mission to invigorate the interior design market by offering pieces that are affordable, sustainable, handcrafted, and authentic.

Always on the cutting-edge of design, he was a pioneer in bringing the preserved wall garden concept to the United States with Flowerbox Wall Gardens. These maintenance-free, eco-friendly designs are available under the Naturalist name, furthering our belief in the importance of welcoming natural elements into your space. We pride ourselves in creating pieces that are ethical and well-crafted, destined to become heirlooms passed on from our family to yours.

Yapicilar is not new to taking calculated risks or leadership. He made his original mark in the entrepreneurship world when at 18 years old, he launched and managed his first furniture store called ‘Office Design’ in his hometown of Izmit, Turkey. Today Office Design is still open under the Naturalist name.

Yapicilar was the captain of the National Team of Turkey in Ice Hockey for 12 years, having won over 15 titles. The discipline acquired from the countless year under the iron fist of a Russian trier molded him into the determined businessman he is today.

Kara Kelly

Kara Kelly joined the Naturalist family in 2017 advising on business development strategies and while maintaining her role as Director of Sales for Flowerbox Wall Gardens. Kara brings 15 years of luxury sales and client management experience, most recently managing the Miami, Florida Breitling Boutique. Kelly has a passion for people and delivering an experience that supersedes their expectations.

Kelly is a graduate of the North Miami Johnson and Wales University Business School with an associates degree in Retail Marketing Management. Her studies took her to Sweden, Italy and South America helping her build her expertise and respect for varying business practices and cultural differences.

Kelly continues to oversee all wall gardens and furniture sales while working closely with the CEO and Founder, Serkan Yapicilar, to improve daily operations as well as handling all new business. Her commitment and dedication as the companies President continue to move Naturalist into new frontiers.

Aytu Aksu

Aytu Aksu is a Turkish-American entrepreneur and co-owner of Naturalist.