About Us

Naturalist Preserved Wall Gardens and Moss Walls are 100% real and always Maintenance Free

Naturalist is a biophilic design driven company that provides turnkey maintenance free wall garden installations. We help our core clientele of Interior Designers and Interior Architects create spaces that promote productivity and mental wellbeing within the built environment. Preserved moss and plants are natural plants that have undergone a preservation process that renders the plants completely maintenance free. Our plants are special in that they are preserved through their roots, meaning no topical or toxic agents are being added to the plants or moss.

Our preserved wall garden concept is one that is highly sought after in the interior design world for many reasons. The most important reason being the natural material we offer with absolutely no maintenance. We provide natural greenery for both residential and commercial spaces that require zero water, sunlight, or soil. In our design studio, located in Hoboken NJ, we create each of our installations by hand with great attention to detail. Naturalist is owned by its Founder Serkan Yapicilar who also has a creative hand in each and every design that comes out of our design space.


Naturally fire resistant with an A-Class Fire Rating. (documentation can be provided upon request)
Moss wall installations also provide high acoustic dampening properties


When untouched preserved plants keep their form, texture and color for many years! A typical lifespan of a Naturalist Wall Garden is 5-10 years when all guidelines are followed (see wall garden care instructions), 3-years guaranteed


Watering, pruning, sunlight and soil NOT required. For indoor use ONLY! (Ask us about our exterior maintenance free plant options.)


Our preserved moss is hand picked in Scandinavia with sustainability in mind. The harvesting of this moss prevents overgrowth that can adversely affect other plant life.

Air Quality

Natural air humidity indicator: Moss dries when air humadity falls below 30% and becomes soft again when the humidity rises above 30%


Are the plants and moss real?

Yes! But they are no longer living, they have been preserved and in some cases dyed.

Do you offer living wall systems?
No, we are committed to a maintenance free concept and delivering our client with REAL greenery that does not come with any recurring maintenance fee. We  work with A-class fire rated preserved moss and preserved foliage as well as uv-protected A-Class fire rated artificial plants.
Do you install the wall gardens?

Yes. Our 5-year guarantee for commercial projects requires our trained team to install the green wall applications. Our smaller framed wall gardens come with a 1-year guarantee and are hung or installed just as you would a photo frame or canvas art.

What is the design process like to order a custom wall garden?
We review and discuss your green wall inspiration to narrow down a design that will make sense for your space, budget and over design goals. Our creative team will draft renderings for your approval before we take your deposit to begin the production process.
How long will the plants last?
Our moss and plants are guaranteed for five years but will typically see a life of 7-10 years when kept away from direct sunlight.
Should I water them or at least spray them at times?
NO! Please do not water your preserved moss art or preserved wall gardens. The plants do not need to be watered and will wilt if watered.
Why doesn’t my wall garden look exactly like the photo?
When working with natural materials no two will ever be the same. This is part of the charm of our made-by-hand wall gardens, each piece is placed and secured by hand by our team of designers who have more than 15 years of combined experience working with preserved plants.
Can my wall garden be relocated?
We ask that if this is something you would like to do in the future, you let us know before we fabricate the piece. This way we will be able to produce your installation in a way that will allow for ease of future relocation.
What if I want to have maintenance done on the installation?
Oftentimes our clients who have our preserved wall gardens as a feature wall in high traffic areas want maintenance performed due to curious guests picking and pulling at the wall. Due to the preserved nature of our moss and plants they will not grow back if picked away. In these scenarios, among others, we do offer custom maintenance plans based on the wall garden application as well as the installation location.

Meet the team

Serkan Yapicilar

Founder and lead designer Serkan Yapicilar, a Turkish entrepreneur with over thirteen years of experience in home interior products, is the visionary behind Naturalist’s wood and resin works. Yapicilar leads the company in its mission to invigorate the interior design market by offering pieces that are affordable, sustainable, handcrafted, and authentic.

Always on the cutting-edge of design, he was a pioneer in bringing the preserved wall garden concept to the United States with Flowerbox Wall Gardens. These maintenance-free, eco-friendly designs are available under the Naturalist name, furthering our belief in the importance of welcoming natural elements into your space. We pride ourselves in creating pieces that are ethical and well-crafted, destined to become heirlooms passed on from our family to yours.

Yapicilar is not new to taking calculated risks or leadership. He made his original mark in the entrepreneurship world when at 18 years old, he launched and managed his first furniture store called ‘Office Design’ in his hometown of Izmit, Turkey. Today Office Design is still open under the Naturalist name.

Yapicilar was the captain of the National Team of Turkey in Ice Hockey for 12 years, having won over 15 titles. The discipline acquired from the countless year under the iron fist of a Russian trier molded him into the determined businessman he is today.

Kara Kelly

Kara Kelly joined the Naturalist family in 2017 advising on business development strategies and while maintaining her role as Director of Sales for Flowerbox Wall Gardens. Kara brings 15 years of luxury sales and client management experience, most recently managing the Miami, Florida Breitling Boutique. Kelly has a passion for people and delivering an experience that supersedes their expectations.

Kelly is a graduate of the North Miami Johnson and Wales University Business School with an associates degree in Retail Marketing Management. Her studies took her to Sweden, Italy and South America helping her build her expertise and respect for varying business practices and cultural differences.

Kelly continues to oversee all wall gardens and furniture sales while working closely with the CEO and Founder, Serkan Yapicilar, to improve daily operations as well as handling all new business. Her commitment and dedication as the companies President continue to move Naturalist into new frontiers.

Aytu Aksu

Aytu Aksu is a Turkish-American entrepreneur and co-owner of Naturalist.