Preserved Wall Garden for The Lion Building Remodel – Washington, D.C.

Preserved Wall Garden for The Lion Building Remodel – Washington, D.C.

Aug 11, 2020

Recently we were commissioned to build a preserved wall garden for the Historic Lion Building lobby, which is under renovations. The Lion Building is the office for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Republic of South Sudan, located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. The architecture of the building was a perfect setting for our creative juices. We were asked to design something unique and stately to adorn the front lobby and create a lasting impression for those visiting.

Turning us Loose Let Our Art Take on a Life of its Own



The project managers had only a couple of specific details to give us, which was to make the piece lush and leafy, and from there our art took on a life of its own. We were given a six by eleven foot empty canvas and quickly went to work trying to represent the historic nature of the building, while also incorporating a lively and fresh masterpiece that had both lavish green plants mixed with deep Hedera and Brunia leaves. Within the design we used several different plant and garden species including flat moss, Niccole, Broome, Brunia, and Hedera Leaves.

Cascading Design From Top to Bottom

The garden is designed with a series of rows and flows naturally as it cascades from top to bottom. Although the majority of the piece is adorned with rich green leaves and plants, we perfectly placed indigo, pink, and a splash of yellow color throughout to give it more texture and depth. Varying lengths of leaves and plant life help to captivate the eye, and every time you see it, you probably catch a glimpse of something you might have missed before.

Enhancing the Natural Beauty of the Lion Building Architecture

Our mission was to enhance the beauty of old world tradition with deep hues that bring a little of the outdoors in. A preserved wall garden was an excellent way to light up the hall lobby and make it welcoming and friendly, as well as grand and impressive. And we hope that our efforts worked exactly as envisioned. We were very honored to help represent the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s presence in the United States.

It is a project that we are very proud of and hope that it will be enjoyed for generations to come. We hope that our natural wall garden helped breathe a breath of fresh air into the remodel of such a spectacular piece of American history. Thanks for allowing us to make the first impression of your office so memorable.