What is a preserved wall garden?

A preserved wall garden, also known as a living wall or vertical garden, is a sustainable and decorative way to incorporate plants into indoor spaces. It consists of preserved moss and plants arranged vertically on a wall, creating a visually appealing biophilic feature.

What are preserved wall gardens made of?

Preserved wall gardens can be made from living plants that are specially preserved to remain vibrant and bright without any care. Unlike true living walls, preserved walls do not require irrigation, lighting or soil.

Is the moss real?

Yes! Yes! But they are no longer living, they have been preserved and in some cases dyed. Due to being real plants and moss they should never be touched. Oils from our skin can cause the plants to fade and dye can transfer to skin, closing and other surfaces.

Should I water them or at least spray them at times?

NO! Please do not water your preserved moss art or preserved wall gardens. The plants do not need to be watered and will wilt if watered. Do not touch, or water.

How do preserved wall gardens work?

For living wall gardens, a specialized support structure holds the plants in place and provides a growing medium, which can be soil or a soilless mix. An irrigation system ensures the plants receive the right amount of water. For preserved moss wall gardens, plants are attached to a backing that is then mounted on the wall. No soil is used, this is important to note as this aids in the green wall not attracting bugs of any kind.

How do you maintain a preserved wall garden?

Maintenance requirements differ for living, artificial and preserved wall gardens. Preserved wall gardens are truly maintenance free! No watering or pruning is ever required. In rare cases, typically in spaces that have poor ventilation, you may see dust collect on larger leafy plants. However, this will not happen with moss only walls.

What if I want to have maintenance done on the installation?

Oftentimes our clients who have our preserved wall gardens as a feature wall in high traffic areas want maintenance performed due to curious guests picking and pulling at the wall. Due to the preserved nature of our moss and plants they will not grow back if picked away. In these scenarios, among others, we do offer custom maintenance plans based on the wall garden application as well as the installation location and size. General maintenance and repairs from picking and pulling unfortunately is not included in our warranty.

Can I design my own preserved wall garden?

Heck yeah you can! Designing your own preserved wall garden can make an already unique piece of nature tell your story in a way that only you can. Once you submit a request for a custom wall garden one of our Green Specialists will contact you to discuss your biophilic goals. Through our rendering process you will get to see your vision begin to come to life!

Why doesn’t my wall garden look exactly like the photo or rendering?

When working with natural materials no two will ever be the same. This is the beauty of the natural world. The charm of our made-by-hand wall gardens is each piece is placed and secured by hand by our team of designers who have more than 15 years of combined experience working with preserved plants. Green Artists at Naturalist are encouraged to combine their creativity with that of our natural moss and plants.

How long do preserved wall gardens last?

The lifespan of preserved wall gardens can vary depending on the type of plants used and the environment where the application is installed. Our moss and plants have a limited  guarantee for five years but will typically see a life of 7-10 years when kept away from direct sunlight.

Do preserved wall gardens require a lot of water?

Unlike living wall gardens that do require regular watering, preserved wall gardens do not require any water. No water waste is always a great advantage!

Can preserved wall gardens be customized to fit different spaces?

Yes, preserved wall gardens are highly customizable. Our hand-made panels are easy to fabricate in a way that fits a unique space. You can choose the type of plants, colors, and design to match the specific space and aesthetic you desire. Our panels are also to resize on site if the surface has changed in any way. Changes can include but are not limited to, light switches being added, kick boards that may not have been shown in elevations, HVAC, etc.

Can my wall garden be relocated?

We ask that if this is something you would like to do in the future, you let us know before we fabricate the piece. This way we will be able to produce your installation in a way that will allow for ease of future relocation. Otherwise it can be difficult to relocate a preserved wall garden that has already been installed and touched up.

Are preserved wall gardens suitable for businesses and commercial spaces?

In fact they are ideal for spaces like this! Preserved wall gardens are a popular choice for businesses and commercial spaces as they provide an attractive and eco-friendly design element that can enhance the ambiance of the area. They also do not require a staff member with a green-thumb.

Are there any restrictions or considerations when installing preserved wall gardens in certain environments?

The most important consideration is the amount of sunlight the space gets, both direct and in-direct. Others include weight-bearing capacity of the wall, local building codes, and the availability of access to the area you wish to have a preserved green wall installed in.

Can preserved wall gardens help with sound insulation or noise reduction?

While preserved wall gardens may provide some degree of sound insulation, their primary benefit is aesthetic and biophilic design improvement. If noise reduction is a significant concern, other acoustic solutions may be more effective and can oftentimes be added to our wall garden panels. For example a cork backing can be added to increase the sound absorption of preserved wall garden panels.

What is the cost of installing a preserved wall garden?

The cost of a preserved wall garden can vary significantly based on factors such as size, complexity, type of plants, and the geographical location of the green wall installation. Our team is located in Hoboken, NJ. We are always happy to add

Can preserved wall gardens be used outside?

Preserved plants are intended for indoor use only. Direct UV light is the killer of preserved plants. Too much direct UV light will cause the plants to fade drastically in color as well as dry up. 

We recommend never using preserved plants outdoors and when indoors in a space that may be sun filled but not in more than an hour of direct sunlight a day.

How do I install a preserved wall garden?

Typically you don’t. However this will be pre discussed with your Green Specialist. 

Our 5-year guarantee for commercial projects requires our team to install the green wall applications. We have a team of tenured installers who will handle the installation. For you comprehensive understanding of how your application will be installed we provide shop drawings for all of our projects as well as the method of installation our team will use. 

For smaller applications, like framed wall gardens up to 6’x6’ you will receive step-by-step instructions to hang your wall garden using our custom z-clip, or french cleat, hanging system.

Do you offer samples?

We do offer framed samples that are either generic in design or project specific depending on your needs. Generica samples with marketing material can be purchased on our website whereas project specific samples can be purchased using our sample request page.

We also offer sample boxes that show a range of moss and plant options that can be used for a wide variety of designs. These sample boxes can also be purchased on our website.

Can you provide living walls?

No, we are committed to a maintenance free concept and delivering our client with real greenery that does not come with any recurring maintenance fee. However, NATURALIST can match you with a living wall provider that we have used and trusted in the past.

What certifications do preserved moss walls have?

While there are many certifications available within the building industry we have both fire ratings and a SDS available to our project based clients. You can download these certificates or make a request for hard copies on our website.

Do you offer hardcopy marketing material?

Yes, with your sample purchase you will receive information regarding our products in a hardcopy form. You can also submit a request for harp copy material on our website, no purchase necessary.


What is an artificial wall garden?

Artificial wall gardens, or otherwise known as Faux Garden Walls, are a sustainable and decorative way to incorporate plants into indoor or outdoor spaces. Consisting of uv protected faux greenery these maintenance free installations create a simulated connection with nature.

What are artificial wall gardens made of?

Faux wall gardens are made from life-like plants made from various materials like plastic. Preserved wall gardens using living plants require proper soil, irrigation, and lighting, while artificial ones are low-maintenance in every regard.

How do artificial wall gardens work?

A specialized support structure holds the plants in place. This structure allows room for the elements to run through the panels when installed outdoors.

How do you maintain an artificial wall garden?

Artificial wall gardens are relatively low-maintenance and typically only require occasional cleaning to remove dust. A light powerwash outdoors can clean off pollen, exhaust fumes and more.

What custom options do I have with premade faux plant panels?

Bothe size and color can be customized. Our panels are 20”W x 40”H and can be cut to fit specific wall dimensions. Our enhancement packs offer a way to add color and seasonal plant types to our premade standard panels.

Do you need your panels pre cut to fit?

Our panels are always 20”W x 40”. We do offer a resizing service and highly recommend it if you plan to install your wall garden on your own. However, this service may not be required. If you need anything other than our standard 20” x 40” layout we will be happy to assist you with cutting panels before your order ships.

Can I design my own artificial wall garden?

We are proud of our premade panel designs but also realize that not every space is the same or requires the same biophilic moment. This is why we offer optional tailored design services to ensure you and your client receive an easy-to-install custom design. To remain competitive and remain concise of project budgets we also offer DIY enhancement packs that allow you to add variations to our premade panels.

What are enhancement packs?

Green walls are cool but certain environments will benefit from an added pop of color. Our Enhancement Packs are packed by order to ensure you can add a special pop of color to your Ultra Garden Wall Panels. These seasonal packs are available year round and can be added to a green wall at any time.

We currently offer five (5) enhancement pack options. Each option provides you with enough plants to cover four (4) pre-made Ultra Green Wall panels. You can mix and match each color enhancement option with another for add color variations.

Can I make special requests for additional plants that are not included in Enhancement Packs?

Of course! We are, at our core, a project based company and are always happy to work with you to determine what additional plants will make your biophilic moment exactly what the space you are designing needs. Need native plant types included, we can help you with that!

Our team is always up to a challenge, we will ensure your vision is understood before providing additional options.

How do I attach the Enhancement Packs to my panels?

You will want to attach the plants before you hang your panels for the easiest attachment process. However you can also attach the panels that have already been hung in a similar manner. Using the provided zip-ties you can attach the loose plant stems to the metal grid panel. The grid square allows you to attach to many points, or to thread the stem through squares.

We suggest laying out at least 4 panels at a time to plan the color enhancement layout.

How large does my wall need to be to install an artificial wall?

Any size! Our panels are made of a mental grid backing that is easy to reshape and size to fit any size wall. Maybe you want to cover the entire facade of a construction site or commercial building, the exterior wall of your personal home or even a small area in your office space, kitchen or bathroom, any wall size will do! Our team of Green Specialists will work with you to determine the amount of panels needed as well as discuss our options for size editing.

How long do artificial wall gardens last?

Artificial preserved wall gardens can last for a decade or more. The life span is significantly extensive when used indoors or away from UV light.

Can artificial wall gardens be used outside?

Yes! Artificial walls are perfect for outdoors. All of our panels are uv-protected to avoid any color fading giving you a perfect wall garden year round.

Do artificial wall gardens require water?

Artificial preserved wall gardens do not require water.

Can artificial wall gardens be customized to fit different spaces?

Yes, artificial wall gardens are customizable to a certain degree. For 100% custom designs, not utilizing our premade panel options, please contact a Green Specialist. Our team is always happy to help ensure you receive a feature wall that is appropriate for the space you are working with.

Are artificial wall gardens suitable for businesses and commercial spaces?

Yes. Artificial wall gardens are perfect for outdoor and indoor use and are a popular choice for business facades and commercial spaces like construction sites, parking garages and sports complexes as they provide an attractive biophilic design element that can enhance the ambiance of the area.

Can artificial wall gardens help with sound insulation or noise reduction?

No, artificial wall gardens are designed for the outdoors and to allow for the elements to flow through. If noise reduction is a significant concern, other acoustic solutions may be more effective.

How do I install an artificial wall garden?

You will use your provided installation guide. Following our As Easy As 1-2-3 method you will be able to install our artificial green wall panels with no more than a power-drill, ladder (depending on the height of your installation), and screws for the wall type you are installing on.

With your order you will receive panels that have been numbers 1-3. You will install while repeating a 1-2-3 format. If you feel like you want to switch up the layout, feel free to! Our panels are designed to not reflect a repeating pattern but you have the final say on how you want to see your green wall feature flow.

What is the cost of installing an artificial wall garden?

The cost of installing artificial wall gardens is minimal. Our installation kits provide you with the attachment pieces needed to secure the panels to your wall with a power-drill and screws. Each panel can take up to 5-7 min to install depending on your speed. Based on these factors you can personally calculate the time and cost required to install your Ultra Wall Garden panels.

Are there any wall types I cannot install Ultra Garden Wall panels on?

Nearly any wall type can support our faux plant panels. If you are questioning your wall, contact us directly. We will be happy to discuss the particulars of your space to ensure you can install your panels confidently and successfully.

Do you offer samples?

We do offer full panel samples as well as sample boxes. You can order both on our website.


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