Plants have the power to inspire, connect, and transform – they’re our reason for being, and a gift to be shared. We offer passion, expertise and tools to all who seek their inner NATURALIST.

Our Biophilic Design Studio began by providing turnkey maintenance free preserved wall garden installations. We help our core clientele of Interior Designers and Interior Architects create spaces that promote productivity and mental wellbeing within the built environment. 

We founded NATURALIST in 2017 to share the gift of Biophilic Design with the design community. 

We believe that plants are transformative. They have a remarkable capacity to enhance our daily lives, infusing vitality into both our indoor and outdoor spaces. Plants foster a sense of community and help us reconnect with our inner selves. In an age marked by disconnection and constant distractions, plants anchor us, impart patience, and tether us to the wonders of the natural world. They also come with a good amount of care and maintenance. Our longstanding objective has been to Let Nature In while steering clear of recurring maintenance costs and preserving precious resources within the built environment, particularly water.

Preserved moss and plants are natural plants that have undergone a preservation process that renders the plants completely maintenance free. Our plants are special in that they are preserved through their roots, meaning no topical or toxic agents are being added to the plants or moss.

At its root, our dedication to biophilic design is fundamentally entrenched in our commitment to people, and our deep belief that there is a need to strengthen the human-nature connection. There is an inner NATURALIST in us all  just waiting to be discovered.

In our design studio, located in Hoboken NJ, we create each of our installations by hand with great attention to detail. NATURALIST is owned by its Founder Serkan Yapicilar who also has a creative hand in each and every design that comes out of our design space.

As we continue to grow as a company and put down new roots, we imprint each touchpoint of pistils with a thoughtfulness that invites others into a realm of boundless potential. While sticking to our roots and encouraging an open mind we created our Ultra Faux Wall panel collections.

Like all real plants, preserved plants have limitations. Our Ultra Faux Wall collection of easy-to-install panels bypasses all of those limits allowing you to have year-round greenery indoors and out. Unlike other faux greenwall providers NATURALIST offers design services to ensure your green wall is unlike any other. Our custom designs aim to emulate the look and feel of a true living wall garden.

Family Owned & Operated

The way our biophilic products come to life matters. Our family works here and takes pride in every opportunity we are given to help our clients strengthen the human-nature connection. This means that the each and every installation we offer to you for your project or your home have been made with love. 

From Hoboken with Love

Located in Hoboken, NJ our Biophilic Design Studio is home to our mighty team of Green Artists. Some of our Green Artists have created wall gardens with NATURALIST from day one giving use a keen eye for design details and avoidable installation challenges.

Create a Biophilic Oasis

‘Let Nature In’, has perpetually served as our motto. The term "biophilia" refers to the innate human connection to nature, and biophilic design aims to strengthen and nurture this connection by integrating natural elements and patterns into the design of buildings, interiors, and urban spaces. Our innovative wall panels combine modern design with the serenity of nature to create breathtaking green art installations.

Some of our teams favorites

Over the years we have created wall gardens of all shapes and sizes. From petite framed applications to larger applications upwards of 600 square feet.

What can we create together?

Our Works