Preserved Wall Gardens 101: Benefits and How They’re Made

Preserved Wall Gardens 101: Benefits and How They’re Made

Dec 23, 2019

Nothing lightens the air and brings in more life to an indoor space more than preserved wall gardens. Preserved wall gardens are similar to living walls because they offer the similar benefits for a healthier environment. But because they are preserved, they also have additional benefits that you can’t get with living walls, like being completely maintenance free. Traditional living walls have been around for more than 80 years, but thanks to all the benefits preserved garden walls provide, they are quickly gaining popularity around the globe.

What is a Preserved Wall Garden?

A preserved wall garden is similar to a living wall. It is an architecturally designed garden that you can used on the interior of a building where natural plants may not thrive. They can vary in size from just a few square feet to covering the entire wall from floor to ceiling. Living walls were first created by Stanley Hart, who was a University of Illinois professor of landscape architecture. But it wasn’t until quite recently that his vision took off thanks to the convenience of preserved garden walls. Preserved wall gardens were created to provide all of the benefits of living walls without the hassles that come with keeping them fresh and viable. After 12 years of collective experience in green wall installations, we have found a way to give the same aesthetic look and advantages that come with a living wall, but without the need to maintain them. Our company uses only the best preservation technology available, which is why we can offer an installation warranty for two years.

The Process of Building Green Garden Walls

At Naturalist, we start with only the highest-quality, carefully handpicked plants. The plants are then preserved using a glycerin-based, non-toxic solution. All of our plants are all harvested at their peak so that they maintain the freshest appearance possible. After harvesting, we apply a biodegradable stabilizing solution to replace naturally occurring plant sap. Once the plants are ready to go, we sit with our clients and design the wall exactly how they envision it, hand placing just one plant at a time to create a custom design.

Preserved Unique Green Signs

Naturalist design specialists are also experts at creating sustainably sourced signs using vibrantly green plants such as flat moss, Bun moss, and Reindeer moss or Lichen. The moss is arranged around your custom logo, and once it is completed, we deliver it directly to your office.

The Benefits of a Preserved Garden Wall

Absolutely Maintenance Free
Unlike living walls, preserved walls are entirely maintenance-free, yet they keep their freshness for a very long time. We use an organic and eco-friendly process that requires no soil, no water, no light exposure, and no irrigation. The only maintenance required is dusting occasionally to keep them vibrant.

Energy Efficient

Preserved wall gardens have a vertical garden look that uses layers, which serve as insulation. Therefore, they also help to conserve energy, because they keep the temperature cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter months. That means fewer energy costs for you year-round.


We offer our customers an eco-friendly product that far exceeds a living wall or living plants. The plants that we use are ivy, moss, leaves, and ferns, and they are sustainably cultivated, harvested, and then preserved. Our preserved wall gardens require no sunlight, no misting, no water, and no soil. So they provide all the beauty of living walls, but they also allow you to leave a much lower carbon footprint behind.

Endless Design Options

Whether you are looking for a logo sign using our wall garden or you want a full wall, our experienced designers make sure that we exceed your expectations. We offer custom shapes, and the vertical gardens can run from wall to ceiling – the possibilities are endless. Our garden walls are designed to fit perfectly into any environment imaginable.

A Calmer Environment

Wall gardens provide the most relaxing and calming environment possible. They also bring out imagination and innovation in the workplace. The high-spirited and green nature of bringing the outdoors in, increases motivation, employee production, and helps to cut down on stress. With all of those benefits combined, you will experience fewer health concerns from your employees, which translates into less employee downtime. And unlike living walls, which can contain allergens, preserved walls are virtually allergy-free. They won’t ever release mold spores as living walls are prone to do.

How Long do Preserved Wall Gardens Typically Last?

All of our wall garden art is guaranteed to last a minimum of five years. But depending on the environment that they occupy, and things like humidity, light exposure, and physical treatment, they can last much longer. In the right conditions, they can thrive upwards of ten years. And they will look just as fabulous after a decade as they did when you first designed them. To keep your wall garden looking as good as new:
  • Keep all components of your garden wall away from direct sunlight
  • Don’t crush, press, or fold the petals, leaves, or the flowers
  • Don’t place plants in water and don’t water or mist them
  • Do not use soil
  • Maintain humidity levels between 30% to 80%
  • Dust debris from the wall with a soft dusting tool to keep them looking vibrant

Using the great outdoors to create a unique, fresh, and vibrant interior is the key to increasing employee productivity, creating a healthier and more imaginative environment, and reducing employee sick time. And thanks to our preserved garden walls, you get all the amazing benefits of a living wall design without the hassles. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your environment alive so you can start reaping the many benefits that wall gardens provide to your home or office.