Residential Lobby Design

Residential Lobby Design

Mar 14, 2021

The residential lobby isn’t simply an entrance hall in an apartment or a house, it’s the stylish backdrop for special minutes and surprises. The design of a residential lobby area needs to not just accommodate these minutes, but do so much more. The most effective entrance halls should represent a functional area for leaving your belongings, as well as the personality and style of the homeowners. Subsequently, this area needs to make present homeowners feel really comfy, welcomed, and happy. Creating a residential lobby that does all of these things well is a matter of expertise.



Welcoming elements like couches, fireplaces, and some high-end surfaces, as well as curated look and feel help create a unique ambiance. Still, what matters more than any kind of design, is people. The residential lobby must be a space where individuals feel safe, comfy, and welcome. This is an area that invites us all to relax and forget about all of our worries. Your residential area isn’t just an entrance, a place to leave your coat or shoes;it’s an experience, and one that, each time the door opens, ought to make every guest and dweller feel like they just entered their home.

How to Create a Welcoming Residential Lobby Design?

Nowadays, more and more people are gravitating towards styles that are rooted in the natural worlds, biophilic design, particularly in household buildings in urban locations. The reasoning behind it is quite simple. People respond well to having nature placed right into their house environments. From highlighting panoramas to taking advantage of natural light, as well as utilizing building patterns that simulate natural forms, the biophilic design is considered to promote mental wellbeing.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia (suggesting love of nature) focuses on human’s deep-seated attraction to nature and natural processes. Furthermore, it suggests that all of us have a genetic link to the natural world built up during hundreds of thousands of years of residing in agrarian setups. In 1984, the term “biophilia” was popularised by biologist Edward Wilson, though it was first used twenty years earlier. Wilson describes biophilia as “the urge to associate with various other types of life”.
Due to high rates of movement to metropolitan settings throughout the whole world, Biophilia is of ever-increasing relevance to our health and well-being.
Biophilic design concept features include indoor gardens, wall gardens, interior plants, aromatherapy, sound, access to views of nature, accessibility to open space, smart lighting systems, etc.

Why Should You Incorporate Biophilic Design into your Residential Lobby Design?

The World Health Organisation states that stress-associated diseases, such as mental health disorders and cardiovascular disease, were the two largest factors to illness in 2020 (excluding the current pandemic situation). Due to declined connection to nature, the rising stress in metropolitan areas, and pervasive technological presence, we have a lot less chance to recuperate our mental and physical energy.
Not only it looks gorgeous, but biophilic design has many benefits besides the visual aspect. The biophilic design has actually been proven to enhance healing processes in healthcare facilities, decrease criminal offense rates in suburbs, and increase learning ability and examination results in schools and universities worldwide.


If you implement the biophilic design in your Residential Lobby, you and your family will notice a positive change. Natural vibes will help you decrease and release your tension, developing a much healthier ambiance that your family and guests will be  happy to be in.
Incorporating nature into the indoor living space, especially in the entrance area, will provide you with a feeling of calmness. And isn’t that something we all wish to feel every time  we enter our home sweet home?
Not only will you feel calm as soon as you enter your lobby, but you will also feel much more focused, more satisfied and happier with the space where you spend the most of your time. And this is exactly the feeling that your Residential Lobby area should provide you with!
Due to the therapeutic role it has, it is not surprising that the benefits of biophilic design are of a physical as well as mental nature. Biophilic design, if used in greater percentage, can positively impact a big portion of the population, whatever their occupations are. Even if you introduce plants in pots or wall gardens, the result will certainly be the ultimate improvement of air quality, given that vegetation soaks up pollutants, toxic substances, and airborne germs.
Utilizing plants in biophilic design confirmed helpful in terms of removal of dangerous, unstable organic substances that are generally discovered in paint, carpetings, and furnishings of many buildings.
Plants enable the water to vapor back in the air, which is particularly valuable in constrained spaces where the air is constantly dry, in addition to the increased level of sensitivity of throat and nose membrane layers that eventually lead to higher sensitivity to viruses and allergens.
Spending too much time in constrained areas, as we currently do, has a tendency to wake the feelings of tension and anger, whilst on the other hand, bringing nature into our daily lives calms us down and at the same time enhances our confidence and self-esteem.
It has been verified that closeness to nature, even if it’s simply a wonderful green view outside our window, or just an aesthetic picture of it, has a remarkable impact on our mindset, aiding us to amass a more positive perspective on life.
Furthermore, if you include wood furniture in your household, while incorporating subtler natural elements such as all-natural light as well as lovely sight, you will get an injection of much more pleasant and happy thoughts, nurturing the positive attitude and creating an extra harmonious living environment setting.
Among the major benefits of biophilic design in living areas is its capability to induce a sense of loyalty and belonging. And isn’t that the feeling all residential lobbies should awaken once we enter them after a long and tiring day at work?

How can Naturalist Interiors Help you Implement Biophilic Design into Your Residential Lobby?

Here at Naturalist Interiors, we are dedicated to honoring crafts that stand the test of time and ensuring that traditional woodworking skills are not replaced by mass production. Subsequently, you can be sure that you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture as well as a wall garden, due to our customization options.
All the materials that we use are 100% natural, along with unnatural materials such as epoxy resin, which help us craft long-lasting products. If you take a look at our Gallery, you can see that our designs are the true representations of Biophilic Design!



Live Edge Epoxy Resin Wood Furniture 

Live edge wood furniture represents the design of style that integrates the all-natural, organic side and unique character of wood. Wood, more specifically live edge wood, looks absolutely stunning covered in beautiful, shiny epoxy resin. Live edge wood furniture stands for a far more holistic approach — a slab of wood in its natural state, with the raw line of the tree trunk, left intact along its edge is not viewed as imperfection but is rather recognized for its unique beauty. By adding epoxy resin it makes wood glow brightly, highlighting the color and natural elegance of the grain.
Moreover, epoxy resin gives the wood a slick, smooth, shiny coating, all while protecting and preserving it as nothing else can. Live edge furniture represents the perfect mashup of two styles — rustic and contemporary!
If you purchase Live Edge furniture for your residential lobby, you will feel like you own an item of natural artwork, verifying once again that Mother Nature is the best designer. Furthermore, resin’s super shiny, clear formula transforms wood into functional, distinctive works of art and makes for a great conversation starter with your friends and family!
Concerning the manufacturing of epoxy resin wood for purposes other than furniture, the sky’s the limit! From the most unique variations with fantastic colors and structures, and elegant design to much more conventional, neat formats, with neutral or much more clear colors, virtually anything is possible.
If you would like to become a proud owner of this exquisite piece of furniture, we can create your very own custom epoxy resin lobby furniture. You can design your very own lobby furniture and much more!

Preserved Moss Walls

The moss we utilize is protected. This suggests that it has actually been harvested by hand and preserved using all-natural active ingredients consisting of glycerine. When protected, it preserves its all-natural qualities and soft feel for several years without the requirement for watering.
We make everything ourselves, including frameworks, which means we can create different shapes, sizes, use various natural products and colors, load small or huge areas, wall surfaces, or any other kind of space with moss, according to your design.
Preserved moss walls do not need water, light, or any kind of upkeep. They are a good fit for dark rooms without any sunlight, such as residential lobby areas. We preserve the moss utilizing safe, vegetable glycerin and safeguard it directly to the wooden product. You might be required to dust the moss from time to time.
Our moss wall surfaces utilize real, sustainably gathered moss, brushes, blossoms, and other vegetation. The preservation process enables the plants to maintain their natural shade and texture, so you can depend on the moss plant paint to have a regular influence on your space. Unlike living walls, moss wall surfaces will certainly never ever discharge plant pollen or spores. Additionally, they decrease stress and add visual value to the property.
Just imagine entering your home and the first thing you notice is your mesmerizing wall garden! It will bring a smile to your face, over and over again, we can guarantee that! If you would like to design your very own custom preserved moss wall, take a look at our work and let’s get to the designing process together!
When it comes to comparing Preserved Moss Walls to Living Wall Gardens, both require an initial investment and maintenance. However, Preserved Moss Walls do not call for any type of water-based care and the setup is less complicated. Subsequently, Preserved Moss Walls are much more budget and maintenance-friendly!


Incorporating both Wall Gardens and Live Edge Epoxy Resin furniture will make your lobby much more inviting for all of your guests! And when it comes to family members, needless to say, your lobby will become your family’s favorite spot in the house!
A biophilic design idea hinges on sustainable materials that stay clear of unnecessary impact on the atmosphere. This delivers a pure, natural, and united aesthetic effect every single time. Moreover, it additionally leads us to deal with craftsmen andfirms that share the very same worth system of valuing nature while advertising human health through the constructed environment.
Hopefully, you have fallen in love with the biophilic design just like we have! What’s more, with all the health benefits it provides us, we see no downside to implementing this kind of design not just in your residential lobby, but also in your whole household! However, if you are still not ready for that step, we suggest you start small, by redecorating your lobby first. Once you see its beauty and experience its majestic effects, we are sure we will be hearing from you very soon!
Contact us today, and let’s start discussing ideas! We promise that once you discover the pleasantries our Live Edge Wood furniture and Wall Gardens have to offer, you will never look back.