Ford Dealership Wall Garden & Moss Logo Project

Ford Dealership Wall Garden & Moss Logo Project

  • Project Type: Dealership
  • Project Location: Cherry Hill NJ
  • Wall Garden Classification: Lush and Leafy and Moss Logo
  • Plants Used: Flat Moss , Reindeer Moss , Hedera , Parchement Fern , Broom , Beargrass
  • Size: 11′ H x 9’W

Ford’s Lobby Design Features a Lush and Leafy Custom Wall Garden

Enter the lobby of the Cherry Hill, NJ, Ford Dealership and you know you’re in good hands. Considered to be one of the most trusted automakers in the world, Ford holds a special place in American hearts. When Naturalist (formerly known as Flowerbox Wall Gardens) set out to create a replacement for an old mural depicting abstracted car parts, we relished the opportunity to take car dealership interior design to the next level.

Naturalist’s in-house team of horticulturists, designers, and engineers successfully captured the well-established safety and reliability of Ford, while drawing attention to the company’s dedication to sustainability and its subtle aesthetic flair.

The Custom Moss Wall Blends Perfectly with Ford’s Branding

Lush and leafy while still maintaining an underlying robustness and strength, this moss wall is accented with bursts of blue reindeer moss, a nod to Ford’s recognizable color scheme. While customers are shopping for a new car, they can look up at our biophilic design that gracefully frames a prominent doorway in the sun-strewn showroom. Made up of a textured pattern that also weaves together flat moss, hedera, parchment fern, and broom and beargrass, the dense greenery will remind them not only of our inextricable connection to nature but to Ford’s innovative eco-friendly options.

Ford’s Lobby Shines with Biophilic Design

This lobby design, like all Naturalist wall gardens, demonstrates our shared commitment to shepherd in a new era of green design. LEED certified and guaranteed to stay fresh and vibrant for five years, our moss wall art pieces are leak-proof, made with 100% natural preserved moss for a maintenance-free, worry-free experience. Without need of watering, misting, light, or soil, the zero post-installation challenges also contribute to significantly lower expenses for the client.

Naturalist also enhanced the dealership’s interior with a new employee recognition wall, conceived with Ford’s new branding in mind. The striking piece integrates Ford’s sharp blue lines, an eye-catching design that will highlight the dedication of Ford employees for years to come.