Modernity Meets Nature for this Custom Conference Table at Rockefeller Center

Jan 4, 2020

Although the holidays have been quite busy for everyone, we were pleased to make a special delivery to the professionals at AT&T in Rockefeller Center in NYC. Not only did we create an amazing live edge conference table that will impress their clients with sophistication and class; they put in an additional order for a resin coffee table. The original project was the build of their custom live edge conference table, but after visiting our showroom, they wanted to add the coffee table. Their design team knew it would be a perfect accent piece to finish off their office remodel. Both items will expertly enhance their unique and creative brand.

An Amazing Feat of Making the Vision A Reality

Naturalist is honored to be a part of the office redesign at the Rockefeller Center, most famous for its traditional and extravagant Christmas tree. To know that our tables will be standing amongst such amazing architecture and design fills us with pride. And we hope that our living edge custom conference table and resin coffee table will help to bring the office alive with color and the natural feel that just makes people feel welcome. As promised, we spent a good majority of the design perfecting the details of the conference table to give the seamless tabletop look that is filled with natural wood grains to inspire the nature lover in us all.

The Custom Table Design Process

Our project was full speed ahead when the design team for AT&T visited our showroom in Hoboken, NJ. After careful consideration, much discussion, and lots of out of the box creativity, we were able to get the process going. And we were also able to promise a lead time of just ten weeks. And although their original order was simply to have us design a conference table that would impress their customers, after seeing our resin coffee tables they insisted we add it to their order.

The Final Product

The final product is something so elegant, even we, as creators, are in awe. The conference table is comprised of natural curvatures of the wood pieces, which are perfectly sectioned to give each participant enough room in front of them to fully participate. But the table also shines with the living edge design that showcases the natural wood grains and notches. To combine the two pieces of wood and make the table fully functional, there is a sheer piece of glass that only further highlights the beauty of the spectacular natural curved edges.

The Custom Conference Table – A Perfect Mix of Modernity and Nature

The legs carry in a more contemporary and upscale finish that helps to tie modernity with nature in perfect synchrony. We literally could not have planned it better ourselves. And our team wanted to showcase not just our work, but the fantastic choices of the design team we were honored to work with. To top it off, the chairs set around the table, with an ocean blue colored seat and white fur, are a perfect accent to make this an eloquent, one-of-a-kind piece, unlike any other in the world.
“I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the table looks. It is so beautiful. The team is so excited and we can’t wait to see the small table once it comes in. Thank you again for everything you did to make such a beautiful piece of furniture and also provide us with such great customer service.” – Charlie

Our lead time for delivery was quickly approaching the prime holiday season. And as anyone who knows Rockefeller can attest to, it becomes a chaotic fun-filled festive fair. That is excellent for visitors, but we were worried that it would pose significant hurdles for our ability to provide an unencumbered and flawless delivery and set-up. Our goal is always to ensure the happiness of our valued customers at AT&T and elsewhere, regardless of what hardships present themselves. Much to our elation, the delivery went off without any major hurdles, and the tables were safe and sound in time to show off for the entire holiday season. And although accolades are not that easy to come by, especially in the busiest time of the year, our clients sent an email to thank us for all of our hard work.
We are lucky in our industry to work with some of the most talented and inspirational designers and corporate heads who have a vision that we help to bring to life. Our work on the custom conference table that will be proudly displayed at Rockefeller Center, hopefully for decades to come, is a perfect mix of nature and modernity thanks to the great minds who envisioned it. Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to help enhance and bring your awesome company culture alive with our alive wood projects.
Commercial furniture has to be functional, but there is no reason to sacrifice sophistication and uniqueness. Our custom design team is always looking for new ways to enhance our customer’s overall brand and corporate climate. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your office something really spectacular – something that really inspires all who enter!