Custom Wall Gardens

Custom Wall Gardens

Naturalist USA brings you completely maintenance free green wall installations from the best in the industry.

Our team has more than 12 years of combined experience in the preserved green wall industry. We know how important it is for you and your clients to feel confident in a green wall feature application, this is why we use only the latest technology in the plant preservation industry.

Having access to the leading providers of preserved plants, Naturalist USA guarantees all installations for 5 years! We help you bring the sought-after biophilic design to life while eliminating the use of resources and hassle of living walls.


Turn-key, A-Class Fire Rated, Maintenance-Free green wall installations with credit contributions for LEED and Well Building Standard projects


From Horizontal and vertical installations to ceiling applications, including flexible backing for curved wall designs custom shapes and custom green logos.

Custom Wall Garden Solutions for
Commercial Interiors

Our Wall Gardens designers, technicians, and specialists work with a wide range of commercial clients, from corporate offices, hotels, coworking spaces, agencies, banks, and restaurants to cafes, small offices, and retail stores clients. Long lasting and highly effective indoor garden wall art gives your idea a true, visual form that both you and your clients, customers, and guests will relish.

Depending on your needs and the impact you want to bring to your interior, we can create a custom wall garden decor with an exclusive, cutting-edge appearance that will effectively communicate your company’s values. We can also incorporate your logo or custom lettering into your wall garden decorations. You can choose plants, suggest a shape, and work with us on designing the best solution for your unique space.

Whether you need a wall garden across the whole wall of your office, floor to ceiling, a striking logo, or planters for the seating area, we will be happy to work with you. Feel free to communicate your idea and to request a special look — from subtle, neat, clean design, to rustic, whimsical, wild appearance — we can do anything and we know the right plants and the right techniques to do it. The end result is always an award-winning space that nurtures ideas, people, and the company’s goals.

Custom Wall Garden Solutions for
Residential Interiors

We have a history of working with residential clients and homeowners. Naturalist indoor wall gardens are the perfect solution for decorating residential building interiors as they create an elegant and creative solution for otherwise uniform looking walls that everyone simply passes by.

We can create a unique, maintenance-free, and long lasting custom wall garden applications for residential buildings entrances, floor numbers, unit numbers, hallway wall gardens, and one-of-a-kind green signs. The unexpected, powerful green garden wall planter pieces and other interior wall garden decor can bring the beauty of outdoors into your residential space and inspire the residents to take pleasure in these extraordinary details.

The end results of incorporating a vertical wall garden or our custom green signs onto the walls of a residential building are happier and healthier tenants. Who wouldn’t love to live in an eco-friendly oasis? Getting away from all the fuss and commotion the modern city brings is what city dwellers are all about. Naturalist wall gardens make any living space a perfect resting place, peaceful and soothing.

Preserved Vertical Wall Gardens

Our wall gardens bring the beauty of outdoors to indoor environments. They can accommodate even the most complex designs, being maintenance-free garden options and easily adjustable to even the most demanding signage and ornamentation. These long-lasting vertical gardens can be custom made in any size or shape and firmly attached to the interior of any building structure. They can be made of up to 10 different moss types and colors, such as Reindeer Moss, Flat Moss, or Bun Moss, Ivy, Amarantus, Hedera leaves, ferns, etc. You can choose one type of plant or a unique combination.

The system of our interior vertical wall gardens consists of a fully customizable frame with preserved plants attached at various points. These custom shaped landscapes mimicking the natural beauty of the outdoors, bring nature within any indoor space, commercial or residential, and allow significant savings. No more monthly maintenance recurring fees for gardening or hardware upkeep costs. For any and all inquiries please contact us and schedule a consultation.

Preserved Unique Green Signs

We use different kinds of sustainably sourced and vibrant moss plants like Reindeer Moss or Lichen, Flat Moss, and Bun Moss to create extraordinary preserved wall green signs. These mosses can be applied separately or in combination with one another, your company logo, custom lettering, and wood. We can even play with different contrasts and moss colors to recreate your company logo.

These Green Signs come to your interior ready to hang. Whether you have a corporate office, a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping center or any other kind of public space, we can give your vision life. We start off by carefully listening to your idea and continue by implementing our authentic creative process. Our technicians and designers develop vertical corporate gardens, VIP gardens, and logo wall art using sustainably harvested moss, leaves, and ferns of the highest quality. Countless options are available with our Green Sign applications. Whether it’s a symbol, a pattern, or lettering, we can display it in a unique way and a combination of green tones.

Once delivered to you, your Green Sign will retain its original color, form, and softness for many years to come. There really is no limit as to what we can design for you. If you are interested in Green Sign custom sizes or pieces, please contact us for details! Our team will be happy to take on your project.

Preserved Indoor Wall Gardens Advantages

Absolutely Maintenance-Free

Our maintenance-free indoor wall garden fragments of nature designed into unique garden wall art pieces keep their freshness for a long period of time. The plants we used are preserved in an organic, eco-friendly way and don’t require any care: No Water, No Soil, No Misting, No Irrigation, and No Light exposure. The only thing that can be done to make them look their peek is to occasionally dust them using a feather duster.


Naturalist gives you a 5-year guarantee on any custom order. However, you can be sure that the fresh, lush look of our indoor wall garden plants installations can last even longer if you follow our instructions.


Our indoor wall gardens are much more eco-friendly than living walls and plants. All the plants we use, moss, ivy, ferns, and leaves are sustainably grown, harvested, and preserved. We import them from Europe and preserve them in an organic, eco-friendly way by using a proprietary technique to replace sap with natural preservatives that maintain plants’ flexibility and natural color for many years. The result is 100% maintenance-free wall garden art that doesn’t require any watering, misting, sunlight, or soil. These long-lasting indoor wall gardens don’t consume energy or request care. The result is a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Superior Value

Naturalist Indoor Wall Gardens provide premium value to any interior. Installing a preserved vertical wall garden into your home or office brings you a piece of mind and saves your money. All of our applications require zero maintenance and look as amazing as they did the first day you saw them, regardless of the season. We guarantee the fresh-cut appearance for 5 years. This means you won’t have to spend any more money than you already have. The zero post-installation challenges add to the overall cut of expenses. You will be able to significantly save money simply because no maintenance, no water, no light, and no soil is needed for our indoor wall garden plants. Also, no hardware upkeep or gardening is needed.

Inexhaustible Design Options

Whether you need a wall garden or a moss sign with your company logo integrated, our wall gardens offer you endless options. We meet your needs and let your vision guide us. All of our preserved wall garden plants can be custom shaped — from a wall and ceiling garden to a custom planter insert — the versatility of our design elements is endless. We can create the interior garden wall art of custom shapes, sizes, and depth, and seamlessly integrate it into built environments.

Soothing Effect

Naturalist wall garden decor provides calming and relaxing interiors that inspire and support productivity and better collaboration in offices. This is more than you can expect from a standard workplace interior. The unique surface texture and color of our wall garden plants, as well as their various shapes, add a lively, high-spirited appearance to any interior. By bringing a whole another dimension to an office – more energizing, invigorating, and fresh, employee levels of happiness and productivity increase which results in improved health and fewer sick days.


Our preservation process guarantees an allergy-free indoor environment. Preserved wall garden plants will never release pollen or spores like live plants and live wall gardens do.

Our Process of Building Green and Healthy
Indoor Environment

Naturalist uses wall garden plants of the highest grade, sustainably harvested, carefully selected, and hand-picked. Preserved with a non-toxic, glycerin-based stabilizing solution, they provide only high-quality wall gardens and green sign applications.

All plants are harvested at their peak to attain the freshest look and maximum vibrancy. Once harvested, a non-toxic, glycerin-based, we use biodegradable stabilizing solution to replace the plant sap. We create custom designs according to our clients’ wishes, making sure each plant is exactly where it should be, by attaching each plant by hand.

Naturalist is committed to getting back to nature, preserving a close connection to it, and creating health-promoting, inspiring and soothing interiors. Always aimed at meeting our clients’ wishes, our creativity knows no boundaries.

With over 12 years of experience in preserved wall garden technique, we are a leader in the Wall Garden concept in the U.S. Our award-winning work on preserved interior wall garden applications make us the first choice for innovating interior spaces and bringing the beauty of outdoor nature into your interiors. Your brand and your company name become recognizable and memorable with our green signs. Show your dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly orientation in business and life with our vertical wall gardens.

Contact us today, tell us all about your needs and your ideas, and we will make sure to make your vision come to life.

How Long Preserved Indoor Wall Gardens Last?

Our preservation process allows the wall garden plants to keep their vibrant, natural color and texture, as well as a fresh-cut look so you can count on a consistent impact on your interior.

All Naturalist wall garden art comes with a 5-year guarantee. However, these wall gardens can last even longer, depending on physical treatment, humidity, and exposure to light. If you ensure the right environment, our interior wall gardens can last up to 10 years and look the same as the first day you saw them.

To ensure the maximum results, please follow these instructions:

  • Keep all our wall garden decor indoors, out of direct sunlight.
  • Don’t press, fold, or crush the plants, their leaves, petals, and flowers.
  • Don’t water, mist, or place the plants in water.
  • Don’t place the plants in soil.
  • Avoid humidity below 30% and above 80%.
  • Dust the plants from time to time with a soft duster.

Contact Us Today for Your Custom Vertical Wall Garden

Imagine your office or home in vibrant, deep green shades of serene looking plants. Feel the calmness and envision the beauty of an indoor wall garden. It can be right in front of you, in your home, or your office. Bring the serenity and a sense of wellbeing to your space and redefine its design in an eco-friendly, sustainable, and maintenance-free way. You can also make your company logo memorable with Naturalist green sign concept.

Nothing inspires us as nature and making its benefits available to you. Our supple, lush and leafy wall gardens bring inside the rich, vibrant beauty of outdoors according to your requirements. Their appearance, the details, shape, and size will depend on your specific needs and wishes. Handcrafted and custom-made, our preserved indoor garden wall decorations motivate, reduce stress, improve mood, and inspire.

We guarantee the quality and longevity of our preserved indoor wall gardens. After 5 years, you can call us again and change your arrangement. We offer special discounts for returning customers. Give your home or office a new, fresh vibe. Contact us today.

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