Preserved Unique Green Signs

We use different kinds of sustainably sourced and vibrant moss plants like Reindeer Moss or Lichen, Flat Moss, and Bun Moss to create extraordinary preserved wall green signs. These mosses can be applied separately or in combination with one another, your company logo, custom lettering, and wood. We can even play with different contrasts and moss colors to recreate your company logo.

These Green Signs come to your interior ready to hang.

Whether you have a corporate office, a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping center or any other kind of public space, we can give your vision life. We start off by carefully listening to your idea and continue by implementing our authentic creative process. Our technicians and designers develop vertical corporate gardens, VIP gardens, and logo wall art using sustainably harvested moss, leaves, and ferns of the highest quality. Countless options are available with our Green Sign applications. Whether it’s a symbol, a pattern, or lettering, we can display it in a unique way and a combination of green tones.

Get Your Custom Green Sign

Once delivered to you, your Green Sign will retain its original color, form, and softness for many years to come. There really is no limit as to what we can design for you. If you are interested in Green Sign custom sizes or pieces, please contact us for details! Our team will be happy to take on your project.