1000 Wilson

  • Project Type: Residential Building
  • Project Location: Washington DC
  • Wall Garden Classification: Lush and Leafy
  • Plants Used: Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, Ming fern, Parchament Fern, Tropical Leaf, Barba Plant, Salal, Cocolus, Hedera, Brunia, Broom, Amarantus, Adianthum, Gunny, Solidago, Plume Fern
  • Size: 9′ H x 20′ W

Naturalist USA’s Wall Gardens team of designers and technicians is well-versed in creating remarkable wall gardens both for commercial and residential clients. Various types of commercial interiors like restaurants, hotels, residential buildings, and offices greatly benefit from our preserved wall gardens, gaining astonishing looks.

In August 2018, Naturalist USA created and implemented a 100% density lush wall garden application at 1000 Wilson Boulevard business center office space. 1000 Wilson Boulevard is an exclusive signature business address in the Washington, DC area that rises 31 stories above the Potomac River. The Towers feature a magnificent, cutting-edge exterior design with sculptured facades, breathtaking view of Washington, D.C. and easy access to all major public transportation systems.

Besides innovative exterior, 1000 Wilson Boulevard business center offers an exceptional office environment. Clean, sophisticated, with premium finishes, these offices provide state-of-the-art office interior design. Naturalist USA is proud to further innovate the office interior design at 1000 Wilson with this unique 100% density lush wall garden application.

Our preserved wall gardens easily transform any office interior design. The business center at 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Washington D.C. has offices that provide amenities for an unparalleled experience and more than 600 linear feet of perimeter window line with open, direct views of Washington, D.C. In such a trophy-class office interior design bathed in light, our 100% density lush wall garden application looks truly breathtaking.

By implementing the custom wall garden in their office interior design, 1000 Wilson Boulevard office expresses their determination to cultivate an eco-friendly and sustainable way of living. This way, they show how deeply they care about the wellness of their employees. Just a glance at this dreamy, almost unreal wall garden gives you a sense of instant serenity and peacefulness.

To create this magnificent preserved wall garden and achieve the right appearance, Naturalist USA’s team of designers and technicians used many different ferns and leaves. The basis of this 100% density lush wall garden application makes flat moss, bun moss, and reindeer moss. After we did the groundwork and finished the foundation, we added an abundance of various ferns and leaves. Ming fern, Parchament fern, Tropical leaf, Barba, Salal, Cocolus, Papyrus, Hedera, Brunia, Broom, Amaranthus, Adianthum, Gunny, Solidago, and Plume fern don’t make just any wall garden — these magnificent plants create another universe.

Each plant was carefully considered. Their look, texture, and place in the wall garden were thoughtfully planned. This is why the garden achieves the effect we envisioned. Each moss patch, each leaf, and fern was attached by hand. We do this to ensure the maximum guaranteed performance of the whole preserved wall garden.

As much serenity and composure this 100% density lush wall garden application brings to the office interior design, it also instills a special, upbeat vibe. When you stand in front of this wall garden, it will leave you breathless.

Our custom wall gardens maximize the health of the office interior design, minimizes its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Naturalist USA’s team of designers and technicians has more than 12 years of experience in creating first-rate, uncommon, custom-made vertical wall gardens. We use preserved, premium quality plants such as moss, leaves, and ferns. All of our products, both wall gardens and moss signs and decor, are 100% maintenance-free and come with a 5-year guarantee. This means that vertical wall gardens are an ideal interior design solution for your office interior design. Our vertical wall gardens will save you a lot of space as each wall garden is attached to a wall. Imagine them as large or as tiny as you want to.

They don’t need any lighting (natural or artificial), any soil, or misting. They won’t grow further but they will keep their current, lush, fresh-cut look for another 5 to 7 years. We made sure of that by preserving each plant, each leaf, using an eco-friendly, glycerin-based solution. This is a proprietary technique. We replace sap with natural preservatives that maintain plants’ flexibility and natural color for many years.

Make your office interior design one-of-a-kind with a custom-made preserved wall garden by Naturalist USA.

Naturalist USA is the leader in preserved wall garden technique and design. We create unrivaled wall gardens that feature a unique concept that is patented worldwide. We also create custom-made moss signs, custom moss walls, and other moss decor pieces. Whatever you envision for your wall garden, we are happy to help you bring it to life!

Vertical wall gardens present a fresh, creative and practical solution for decorating interior walls.

The natural beauty of the outdoors transferred to your indoors will do wonders. Naturalist USA received a silver medal at the 34th International Exhibition of Inventions at Genova for their unique concept.

If you want to bring your office interior design to another level, to soothe, motivate or inspire your employees, our preserved wall gardens are the perfect solution. They are great if you want to show your dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly interior design. Invigorate your office interior design with Custom Wall Gardens. Contact us today!