1100 Wilson Blvd-Washington D.C.

Another wall to see in Washington D.C., but you will have to be a member of the building or be invited by one, to see this lush wall. It lives on the very top floor with a great view of The Mall. It’s as impressive as the view with more than 20 moss and plant types used to create the natural design. Some of them are Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, Ming Fern, Parchment Fern, Tropical Leaf, etc. We carefully select the best luxuriant and leafy plants to create our maintenance-free walls. Our team loves playing with the colors and textures of the plants to come up with majestic, eye-catching wall garden designs.

If you saw our Elevation Fitness video, you may recognize the hints of blue used here as well. These two are set in the same building where many employees spend the majority of their time. It sure helps to have so much green around! If you get an opportunity to pass by, don’t forget to check out the rather large living wall garden that is in the building. It’s something to see.

If you’re looking for a wonderful green addition to your home or office space, contact us today! Let’s discuss how we can bring some nature inside your interior design with a unique wall garden!