740 Dekalp

Building magnificent wall gardens that will greet you upon the entrance of your building is our joy and passion. We love knowing that after a hard day at work, you will come home and the first thing you will see is a charming piece of nature indoors, spreading peaceful energy and helping you relax. And this is exactly what we accomplished at the 740 Dekalp residential building lobby.

Our team of horticulturists, designers, and installers put their heads together and came up with a unique and magical wall garden that is just perfect for this space. We chose Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, Provance Moss, Hedera, Nicoly, Tiki Fern, Tree Fern, and Fern to create a lush wall garden that now graces this Brooklyn lobby.

The intertwined texture of the ferns and moss fabricates an interesting surface that is additionally accented by the vibrant green color variations. 740 Dekalp lobby is now fully refreshed and wrapped in nature, helping its residents soak up all the benefits of this biophilic design. And not only does it look stunning, but this wall garden is also completely maintenance-free. With Naturalist installations, you don’t have to worry about additional care. Once we set up your wall garden, all you have to do is enjoy the view!