Andaz X Pride NYC

Celebrating NYC’s LGBTQI+ community and their incredible strength and resilience inspired this special wall garden project. Not only did we let nature in, but we hope to also inspire everyone to let love in. This beautiful moss wall is located on 5th Ave in New York City and it’s truly a magnificent sight to behold. Our horticulturists, designers, and installers poured all their love into this project. They decided to use Flat Moss and Reindeer Moss in pride flag colors to honor this community. The incredible colors and textures of this wall garden design are combined in a perfect way to capture your gaze and enchant you. With an important message written across the moss: “let love in”, this piece will definitely leave an impact and linger in your memory. As gorgeous and vibrant as the LGBTQI+ community itself, this wall garden remains one of our favorite projects this year.

All of our wall gardens are maintenance-free and require no irrigation, direct sunlight, or soil. Depending on your preferences we can produce either preserved or living walls and design them to be unique and tailored to your space. Contact us today and we will get to work on your project.