Arrive Logistics

Project Type:Office Building Lobby
Project Location: Austin, TX
Wall Garden Classification: Moss Variations
Plant Composition: Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss
Size: 10’ x 11’

A female owned and operated business located in NYC went through a rebranding process two years ago and brought the outdoors in with a Reindeer Moss wall garden. Reindeer moss is certainly the most popular moss type on the market and is a natural humidity indicator. It also has great sound absorbing properties, making it perfect for the new conference room at Stella Rising!

Arrive Logistics is a leading freight brokerage firm located in Austin, TX. We had the pleasure of working with them to create a gorgeous moss wall with their logo for the office building lobby. Our team collaborated closely with the client to get the right design, perfectly customized to their needs and wishes. We used moss variations to create a beautiful, framed bed for the Arrive Logistic logo to rest upon. The plants we used were Flat Moss, Bun Moss, and Reindeer Moss, which were ideally combined to add some texture and color variations to the moss wall. All the employees and visitors of Arrive Logistics offices can now enjoy the sight of a living wall garden that brings a calming vibe to this space. As always, we follow the principles of biophilic design and we are thrilled when we can usher in some nature indoors.
If you are looking to add some natural elements to your residential or commercial space but don’t want the trouble of ongoing maintenance, we suggest a wall garden! Our Naturalist wall gardens and moss walls are incredibly pretty and require zero maintenance. You won’t have to worry about soil, water, irrigation systems, or even direct sunlight. The wall garden will be set up and ready to be gazed upon without additional care, for years to come.