Ashley Shurka – Private Client 4 – Kings Point, Ny

We all remember those stunning, ornate framed paintings and lush flower vases our grandmothers loved to collect. Now imagine combining the two in a stunning masterpiece. This was our inspiration for Ashley’s wall garden project. This incredible installation was designed by our designer Serkan Yapicilar with careful thought to pull in other interior design elements from the client’s living room. The space was already perfect, but with quite a bit of white space on the walls and not wanting to paint, our client decided to bring her wall to life! The Naturalist team helped her do just that with a beautiful framed vertical wall garden. Combining stunning moss and different textured plants creates a whole story on the canvas of this lush wall garden. The preserved mushrooms and ferns bring just the right amount of the outdoors in while adding to the three-dimensional appeal of this piece.

Like all of our wall gardens, this installation too was built with maintenance-free preserved plants which require no water or irrigation system, no sunlight, no soil and don’t attract bugs. All you have to do with a Naturalist wall garden is enjoy it and soak up the beautiful natural energy this work of art invites into your home.