Autograph Cincinnati Downtown

Project Type: Hotel Design
Project Location: Cincinnati, OH
Wall Garden Classification: Lush and Leafy
Plant Composition: Pittosporum, Hedera, Flat Moss, Bun Moss
Size: 200 Square Feet

Autograph Cincinnati Downtown hotel now proudly carries one of the Naturalist lush and leafy wall gardens. The ambitious project we’ve undertaken in Ohio was the best kind of challenge for our team. We had a lot of fun creating a stunning little 200 square feet oasis in this beautiful hotel. Our designers, horticulturists, and installers came together to build an incredible wall garden with the most luxurious plants. In this installation, we used Pittosporum, Hedera, Flat Moss, and Bun Moss. The combination of these plant textures and colors helped us tell a beautiful, three-dimensional story and add an air of vibrancy to this hotel space. Intertwining longer leafy plants with stunning, velvety moss gave this wall garden a mesmerizing visual appeal. The visitors of this hotel can now enjoy a zen and peaceful sight of greenery that brings the charm of nature indoors.

Naturalist wall gardens are incredibly low maintenance. They don’t require any post-installation work, water, soil, or direct sunlight. These installations are here to grace your interiors without any fuss! Our team makes sure of that. If you’re looking to add some freshness to your space with a beautiful wall garden, we’re ready to make that dream come true.