Boca Wall Garden Project

Project Type: Residential House Project Location: Boca Roton FL Wall Garden Classification: Natural Growth and Artificial Wall Gardens Plants Used: Flat Moss , Reindeer Moss, Hedera , Brunia , Bear Grass , Bun Moss Size: 12′ H x 9′ W On this stunning residential project, we had the opportunity to work with a local Boca Raton design firm called J. Alexander Interiors. Versatile, collaborative, and inspired are their words, and they can be used to perfectly sum up our partnership on this venture. And we think you’ll love the results! Our team was in charge of the design and installation of the gorgeous wall gardens, both inside and outside. The exterior wall garden was made out of UV-protected artificial plants, while the indoor application in the powder room was made with our preserved plants that are completely maintenance-free. We used beautiful lush and green plants to deliver this majestic wall garden –Flat Moss, Reindeer Moss, Hedera, Brunia, Bear Grass, and Bun Moss. They blended perfectly into a lush little wall garden oasis. We especially love how the ferns add more texture to this vertical wall garden. The deep purple hues add a creative contrast to all the greenery in this masterpiece. Creating stunning biophilic design-inspired wall gardens for our clients is a dream come true and we’d love to work on your project as well. If you’re considering adding a preserved wall garden, moss wall, or moss logo to your residential or commercial space, we’d love to discuss some creative ideas with you! Contact us today and let’s let nature in!