Bubble Waffle

The Bubble Waffle ice cream shop in Long Island New York is now a proud owner of a Naturalist one-of-a-kind wall garden. This incredible space features a maintenance-free wall garden made out of a selection of Preserved ivy, hedera leaves, and springier that come together beautifully and truly make the place come to life. The vibrant green colors and textures create a beautiful contrast against the clean white walls and invite your attention, helping you relax and enjoy your sweet experience at the Bubble Waffle.

Naturalist has a wealth of experience when it comes to inviting nature into commercial spaces. We’ve produced incredible wall gardens and moss walls for many restaurants and shops across America. It is our distinct pleasure to help you create the spectacular atmosphere you want your guests to experience. Our wall gardens and green signs are there to help your space pop and stay a memorable place in everyone’s mind.

If you’re worried about maintenance, we’re here with good news. All Naturalist wall gardens are stress and fuss-free, so you won’t have to worry about irrigation, soil, or direct sunlight. Once we set them up, our installations can be lush and green for up to 5 years.

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