High Quality Bathroom Products

Project Type: Tradeshow Display Wall
Location: Las vegas, NV
Client Website: www.duravit.us
Design Category: Natural Growth, Moss Logo
Materials: Preserved Moss and Plants
Size: 100 Sq Ft

Project Overview

Naturalist had the honor of collaborating with Duravit, a renowned high-end bathroom product company, to create a captivating moss wall installation for their showcase at the 2023 HDExpo trade show. This impressive 100 square foot moss wall, adorned with lush plantings and featuring the Duravit logo as its centerpiece, served as a stunning backdrop for the display of their exquisite sinks and other premium products.

The completion of this moss wall installation was met with acclaim at the 2023 HDExpo trade show, capturing the attention of industry professionals and design enthusiasts alike. Duravit's booth stood out as a beacon of sophistication and creativity, with the moss wall serving as a compelling representation of the company's dedication to quality and aesthetics. Naturalist is proud to have contributed to the success of Duravit's showcase, providing a memorable and visually stunning backdrop that perfectly complemented their esteemed product lineup.