Located at The W Hotel on Hoboken's waterfront, Halifax offers the best cuisine for brunch, lunch & dinner complemented by views of the Manhattan skyline.

Project Type: Hospitality, Restaurant
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Client Website: www.halifaxhoboken.com
Design Category: Moss Wall, Preserved Planters
Materials: Preserved Moss and Plants
Size: 100 Sq Ft

Project Overview

The centerpiece of the installation is the large bun moss wall, meticulously crafted to provide a lush and vibrant backdrop for the bar and lounge area. Complemented by over 30 preserved plant planters strategically placed throughout the space, the installation adds depth and texture while infusing the environment with the natural beauty of greenery. The combination of bun moss and preserved plants creates a visually striking contrast, enhancing the ambiance and inviting guests to unwind and socialize in a setting reminiscent of a tranquil oasis.