ICON Interiors

Naturalist had the pleasure of collaborating with ICON Interiors to create a stunning wall garden for their New York space. ICON Interiors is a full-service interior construction management and general contracting firm with decades of experience and an extraordinary atmosphere. Our teams worked together to come up with the best wall garden design and select the richest plants to bring some green energy into their offices. ICON Interiors space in NYC now proudly carries one of our lush and leafy gardens, successfully bringing the outdoors inside and brightening up this already beautiful place. The plants we’ve selected for this project were Fern, Flat Moss, Provance Moss, Populus, Nicoly, and Hedera. Combining different textures and colors helped us add more dimension to this wall garden and create an interesting work of art that will grace the halls of ICON Interiors for a long time.

Our exceptional wall gardens are as always fuss-free and very easy to maintain. You won’t have to worry about leaking or post-installation maintenance — we’ve got it covered! The wall garden will last you for years without being a nuisance! These Naturalist creations are not only pleasing to the eye but bring a magical sort of vibrancy to the room that you just can’t put a price on.