Jersey City House

We love it when we can let our creativity flow and make unique and enchanting pieces of art that later grace the halls of residential or commercial spaces and bring joy to everyone who gazes upon them. Recently, our team worked on a gorgeous wall garden for a client and it turned out beautiful.

The round framed wall garden combines different types of moss, branches, and ferns that create a magical landscape that resembles a fine painting. The variety of textures and colors really animates this piece and makes it stand out. As with all of our wall gardens, this one too is maintenance-free and requires no irrigation, soil, or direct sunlight. Once our team sets up the wall garden, all you have to do is enjoy it, there’s no additional fuss.

Naturalist wall gardens are an excellent choice if you would like to bring nature in and appreciate some greenery in your home or office space but avoid the hassle of maintenance. Each wall garden we create is custom-tailored to your specifications and space. We would love to hear your ideas and make them come to life. Contact us today and let’s start working on your own wall garden project.