Kuehne + Nagel HQ

Sea-Air Logistics: The sweet spot between sea and air freight

Project Type: Commercial Office Space, HQ Office
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Client Website: www.us.kuehne-nagel.com/en/
Design Category: Moss Map, Moss Wall Art
Materials: Preserved Moss and White Oak
Size: 220+ Sq Ft

Project Overview

Naturalist had the privilege of completing a remarkable project for Kuehne + Nagel's HQ office, bringing the vibrant essence of Jersey City and Manhattan to life within their workspace.

The focal point of the installation is the meticulously crafted map of Jersey City and Manhattan, meticulously detailed with preserved moss to depict the iconic landmarks and streets of these bustling metropolises. The natural textures and vibrant green hues of the moss contrast beautifully with the warm tones of the Russian white oak wood, creating a visually captivating representation of the urban landscape. Additionally, two other moss walls are strategically placed throughout the space, further enhancing the biophilic ambiance and reinforcing Kuehne + Nagel's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The completion of this project has transformed Kuehne + Nagel's HQ office into a dynamic and inspiring environment that reflects the vibrancy of the cities it serves.