LG North America Englewood NJ

Naturalist team recently had the opportunity to work on creating wall gardens for the LG headquarters in Englewood NJ. We produced three massive and breathtaking pieces that we’re truly proud of. Following the principles of biophilic design, which we always do in all of our work, whether it be furniture or wall gardens, we fabricated beautiful wall gardens that evoke the sights of nature and instantly help us feel closer to it.

Reconnecting with nature has many positive benefits, so it’s highly recommended to include some natural elements in the interior design of your home or office space. For this project, we created a gorgeous wall garden that traces a big stairwell and makes that climb so much more pleasant. We used different types of moss to achieve a beautiful texture. For the other two pieces, we were really able to let our creativity show.

The wall gardens portray beautiful sights of nature, resembling mountains and rivers. Our team expertly used the color variations to create a picturesque sight and a textured garden that is very relaxing to behold. As always, our wall gardens are built to our customers’ specifications and desires and they require no additional maintenance. If you’d like to invigorate your office space with a stunning wall garden, contact Naturalist today and we’ll happily discuss your ideas.