New Relic

New Relic is a modern company that created a cloud-based platform that is essential for DevOps. We’ve had the opportunity to work with them and create some stunning wall gardens for their office space in Atlanta, GA. Our goal was to create beautiful and maintenance-free wall gardens that will suit the lifestyle of a contemporary company and bring some fuss-free green energy into their space. We started off by completely transforming the elevator and lobby space with incredibly lush vertical wall gardens, instantly creating a more inviting environment. Stunning moss with different textures and depths of color added dimension and liveliness to this office entrance. We proceeded to add modern, gray planters with plants like reindeer moss, flat moss, bun moss, ming, hedera, Populus, near grass, and coculus to their walls, as well as some hanging planters. Naturalist designers also created smaller wall garden decorations going with the office space and software industry theme. This was a truly fun and beautiful project for our team and we’re thrilled with how it turned out. New Relic office space now has a brisk and exuberant feel that only nature can bring, with minimal maintenance.

Naturalist wall gardens are stress-free, maintenance-free, and require no watering, direct sunlight, or soil. They are set and ready for you to simply enjoy the sight of them for years to come.