Oakman Building

Naturalist team recently had the opportunity to work on a fun and inspiring project. We created an incredible moss wall for the Oakman Building lobby in Jersey City NJ. Our goal was to design a unique and inviting piece that will elevate the atmosphere of this space. By combining the enchanting textures and colors of Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, Provance Moss, and Fern, we think we achieved just that. As always, we work closely with our clients to make the perfect wall garden or moss wall for their needs and that it fits into the new environment. The large wooden frame creates a perfect nest for these plants and blends into the interior of the lobby without being overlooked. This moss wall is now the statement piece of the Oakman Building and it joyfully greets all of its visitors with positive green energy and good vibes.

Naturalist wall gardens, moss walls, and green signs are the perfect way to invite nature into your residential or commercial space. They require no additional maintenance post-installation so you won’t have to worry about irrigation, sunlight, or bug infestation. Depending on the type, our wall gardens can be lush and green for up to 5 years. And all you have to do is enjoy the scenery without any fuss!