PEGA Systems

Project Type:Office Design
Project Location: Washington D.C.
Wall Garden Classification: Lush and Leafy
Plant Composition: Flat Moss, Hedera Leaves, Diosmi, Pittosporum
Size: 5’ x 7’
Pega Systems is an innovative company that provides software solutions for enterprise companies, helping them crush the complexities of business. They help companies stay streamlined, agile, and ready for what’s next, and we loved what they do. We used their story as an inspiration to design a stunning natural growth wall garden for their office space in NC. To create this lush and leafy wall installation, we used Flat Moss, Hedera Leaves, Diosmi, and Pittosporum in a 5’ x 7’ frame. The results were mesmerizing. Combining various plants and textures allowed us to come up with a three-dimensional design that truly brought new life to this place. Pega Systems employees and visitors can now rest their eyes on a wonderful piece of nature right in the office while they take a break from the rush of daily life. Bringing natural elements indoors has loads of benefits according to the biophilic design principles, which we wholeheartedly subscribe to. This is why we love our work and help people connect with nature through our wall gardens and live-edge and resin furniture.

Of course, we understand that most people don’t want to have to worry about irrigation, soil, or direct sunlight after the installation of their new green oasis, which is why Naturalist wall gardens and moss walls are completely maintenance-free! Contact us today if you would like to start planning your own charming wall garden!