Ritual House

Savor life’s rituals.

Project Type: Hospitality, Restaurant
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Client Website: www.ritualhousepgh.com
Design Category: Natural Growth, Moss Logo
Materials: Preserved Moss and Plants
Size: 260 Sq

Project Overview

Naturalist embarked on a transformative project for Ritual House, a renowned restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA, by creating a captivating secret garden ambiance. Vibrant hanging pink and purple flowers were used to fashion a unique ceiling, evoking the enchanting atmosphere of a hidden oasis. Additionally, a lush moss and plant wall featuring the distinctive Ritual House 'R' embedded within the verdant foliage further enhanced the dining experience, seamlessly blending nature with culinary delight.

The completion of this project has transformed Ritual House into a destination where culinary excellence meets enchanting natural beauty. The combination of hanging flowers and verdant greenery imbues the space with a whimsical charm, inviting guests to escape into a world of natural beauty and culinary wonder.