Syneos Wall Garden Project

  • Project Type: Insurance Company
  • Project Location: Raleigh NC
  • Wall Garden Classification: Moss Wall and Moss Logo
  • Plants Used: Flat Moss , Reindeer Moss
  • Size: 6′ H x 6′ W

Syneos Health helps their customers improve and accelerate the delivery of therapies that impact health worldwide. Naturalist USA was commissioned to create this beautiful moss logo wall garden to impose harmony with their mission of impacting lives in a positive and healthy way. The result is striking as it enhances their interior space significantly.

Our team decided that Flat Moss and Reindeer Moss would be perfectly suited for this project. We loved the deep and lush green color contrasted with vibrant red and orange that we used for the logo. From now on, everyone who enters Syneos Health will be greeted by a stunning moss wall that exudes calming vibes. We’re sure both the employees and visitors will welcome the sight of soothing greenery during the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

As always, our moss walls are incredibly durable and maintenance-free. With Naturalist wall gardens and moss walls, you don’t have to worry about post-installation maintenance, soil, irrigation, or direct sunlight. Our wall gardens are ready and set to invigorate your space without any fuss! 

If you are looking to let nature in and refresh your residential or commercial space, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project!