Your Third Spot

A place to make new connections and strengthen existing ones.

Project Type: Hospitality & Entertainment
Location: Atlanta, GA
Client Website:
Design Category: Natural Growth, Moss Logo
Materials: Preserved Moss and Plants
Size: 100 Sq

Project Overview

Naturalist, in collaboration with Your Third Spot, embarked on the creation of a distinctive preserved moss and plant wall, accentuated by a vibrant neon number 3. This project aimed to infuse the space with organic charm and southern flair, offering patrons an immersive botanical experience while reflecting the identity of Your Third Spot as a dynamic social destination.

The culmination of this project resulted in a captivating fusion of nature and urban aesthetics, transforming Your Third Spot into a vibrant oasis within the heart of Atlanta. The preserved moss and plant wall, accentuated by the neon number 3, not only serves as a visual centerpiece but also fosters a sense of connection with the surrounding environment. Everybody needs their Third Spot!