Town Hall By Mrp At 1501 M Street, Washington D.C.

There is no doubt that seeing lush greenery provides a sense of calm. The 1501 M Street office building has plenty to go around. With one large wall right in the reception area whomever pays a visit is sure to feel welcomed and at ease. One of our favorite styles of moss walls is our gallery walls.

We create a collection of various sized wall gardens to be hung in one area that when seen from afar have a natural design that flows together. We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision truly comes to life. Don’t believe us, be sure to catch our video tiled Lion Building in Washington D.C. This wall was designed to provide a template for the work that would soon be done at 1501.

We spent time working out every detail until the owner was pleased and then, we were pleased as well. Often times out client want to have what we would typically call a landscape design. You want indoor greenery but you don’t want, or know how, to keep it lush and green. We do horizontal designs that give the feel of low shrubbery but zero need for pruning and watering.