Tudors Steak House

  • Project Type: Restaurant
  • Project Location: Manhattan NY
  • Wall Garden Classification: Natural Growth
  • Plants Used: Flat Moss , Reindeer Moss , Hedera , Parchement Fern , Broom , Beargrass
  • Size: 6’H x 2’W

Wall Applications can enliven a space but wall gardens, custom made by Naturalist USA, bring another dimension to any space. Our unique wall gardens make any space more vibrant, more enjoyable, relaxing, inspiring, and eco-friendly.

Wall Garden Application at Tudor City Steakhouse in NY

We brought the power of green with this unique garden wall application at Tudor City Steakhouse in NYC. Locals love this place with their exquisite meals and a very accessible location.

Situated across 1st Avenue from the United Nations Headquarters and only a few short blocks away from Grand Central Station, Tudor City Steakhouse offers a place where you can enjoy the finest food and drink or simply relax and linger over a fine cup of coffee and dessert.

The restaurant provides a classic multi-level setting, gracious service, nice view, and excellent menu. Guests of this fine dining place feel special from the moment they walk through the door since the restaurant is highly accommodating. Whether you’re dining in a group, with someone special, or you want to enjoy some solo time, the venue will have that perfect spot waiting just for you.

We were delighted to bring even more charm and unique charisma to Tudor City Steakhouse in NYC. Our 50% density Column Cover wall application made an extraordinary addition to the overall attractiveness of this NYC restaurant. Our garden wall application brought in the feeling of ease, refreshment, and calmness. Step in Tudor City Steakhouse in NYC, enjoy the delicious food, finest service, and vigorous power of green!

Add A Touch Of Greenery Into Your Space With Naturalist USA Garden Wall Application

Naturalist USA turns your creative garden wall ideas into unique garden wall art.

We will consult with you about all the different options and choices you have for your wall garden or moss logo. Giving our best not only to meet but exceed your expectations reflects in the full customization of our work.

We successfully and continuously keep inspiring and motivating our residential and commercial clients across the U.S. Green accents, as true gems, present an easy way to add greenery into your everyday space. Bringing a subtle touch at the office or a framed wall garden in your living room at home, vertical wall garden applications reinvent any interior.

Each Of Our Preserved Wall Gardens Is 100% Maintenance-Free!

Our design team works with you at your convenience and schedule to create the perfect wall application for your lifestyle, small or large!

Each of our preserved wall gardens is 100% maintenance-free! This means they don’t need soil, water, watering, misting, or sunlight to look as beautiful and lush as on the first day you saw them. Preserved with a non-toxic glycerine based stabilizing solution, these natural plants are perfect for fast-paced city living.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate time out of your busy schedule to care for your plants, use our service. Get an ultimate green experience anywhere you want. Be it your office, retail object, hotel, a restaurant, or home, we can make garden wall art happen. You will enjoy the irresistible ease of relishing in these unique wall gardens. They bring serenity, tranquility, and peace of mind. And we all need that.

Preserved Wall Garden and Dazzling Green Accents for Remarkable Interior Experience

Naturalist USA’s team of designers and technicians made this wall application that is indeed nothing less than a true garden wall art! Using various mosses like Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, as well as Column, Hedera Leaves and Amarantus, we created an indoor wall garden that leaves you breathless.

We attached each plant by hand and each detail in this garden wall application is there for a specific reason.

Green accents on our wall applications are always carefully selected to embody the vision and the idea we started with. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the look of happiness and contentment on the faces of our clients.

That means we deliver what they envision. This is the most important thing of all. Naturalist USA garden wall applications make people joyous, high-spirited, relaxed, and inspired. This is exactly why we invite you to stop by Tudor City Steakhouse in NYC and enjoy everything this second to none restaurant interior has to offer.

Contact Us Today for Your Garden Wall Application

Do you like our work presented at the Tudor City Steakhouse in NYC?

If your answer is yes, contact us today to tell us all about what you have in mind for your everyday space. Whether you want a Column Cover Wall Application or any other wall garden application, let us know. We will combine different kinds of mosses like Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss and plants like Column, Hedera Leaves, and Amarantus to bring an incomparable look and feel to your space.

Eco-friendly preserved and gentle on the eyes and soul, your garden wall application will last at least 5 years. This is what we guarantee. Don’t hesitate to bring the lush beauty of outdoor nature to your indoor space. Bring natural beauty closer to you and your family or your employees. See more of our Projects and shop our products. Get to know us better and Contact us today!