Naturalist is proud to say — we have one of our finest wall gardens displayed at the National Security Agency of the United States of America. For this incredible project, we created a fabulous, lush, and leafy moss wall containing the three seals of the NSA and CSS, with matching decoration running throughout this wall garden design. We used a luxurious and maintenance-free moss, creating the perfect background that accentuates both the seals and our design. We were so inspired and managed to get our wall garden design to portray the strength and impressiveness of this agency in the way only nature can. And we succeeded! Our installation is the perfect addition of a unique character and liveliness to this hall.

Naturalist wall gardens are the perfect solution if you’re looking to bring nature inside or create a statement in your home or commercial space. By combining different plants and designs we can tell the story of your place and elevate the atmosphere with some vibrant green energy. Our wall gardens are maintenance-free, leak-proof, and require no water, soil, or direct sunlight. You won’t have to worry about post-installation maintenance. The wall gardens will be perfectly set up to decorate your walls for years, without any nuisance.