Rolex Moss Logo Wall Garden In Queens, NY

  • Project Type: Brand
  • Project Location: Queens NY
  • Wall Garden Classification: Lush and leafy
  • Plants Used: Flat Moss , Hedera , Pittosporum , Tropical Plants
  • Size: 8′ H x 8′ W

Wall Garden Design In Queens, NY For Rolex For The US Open

Situated just a few miles from the site of the US Open in Queens, NY, is one of Rolex’s official retail locations.

For the upcoming famed tennis tournament, Rolex was looking for a wall garden design that both encapsulated their brand and offered a maintenance-free experience.Enter Naturalist (formerly Flowerbox Wall Gardens).

Sharing Rolex’s commitment to craftwork from the finest materials and scrupulous attention to detail, our in-house team of horticulturists, designers, engineers, and installers created a moss wall that matched the uncompromising quality of the watches being sold.

Designed with preserved flat moss, hedera, pittosporum, and cascading tropical plants—some of the larger leaves meticulously made by hand—this wall of maintenance-free greenery stays fresh into the tennis off-season. Treated with a nontoxic glycerin-based stabilizing solution that preserves the application, the moss wall will be as vibrant as ever when US Open VIPs return for next year’s events.


At Naturalist, meeting the needs of our clients and achieving their vision is our utmost priority. The wall garden we created is a continuation of Rolex’s luxury branding and timeless design, approved by Rolex headquarters in Switzerland. With lush, stately leaves, the moss wall is a two-sided application that echoes the balanced design of a Rolex watch.

The Rolex crown logo—itself a symbol of luxury and quality—nestles among the greenery on one side. On the opposite wall, the same maintenance-free design is repeated, this time with a television recessed in the greenery. As always, Naturalist’s LEED-certified wall gardens demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. They don’t need watering, misting, light, or soil, and are guaranteed to last five years.

Like a Rolex watch, a Naturalist wall garden is a genuine work of art.