Taskin Bakery

Taskin Bakery, Paterson NJ

  • Client name: Taskin Bakery
  • Location: 03 Hazel St, Paterson, NJ 07503
  • Concept used: Wall Gardens
  • Project Specifics: Wall Garden Application
  • Materials Used: Flat Moss, Bunn Moss, Reindeer Moss, Ferns and Leaves

Naturalist (formerly known as Flowerbox Wall Gardens) prides itself on enhancing retail interiors, and the application we created for Taskin Bakery in Paterson, NJ, was no exception. A family-owned and -operated business, Taskin prides itself on bringing authentic, handmade Turkish pastries to its New Jersey community.

We capitalized on the uniqueness of this business and came up with a special retail space design that enhances the existing store design. From acma and pide to börek and pistachio-filled baklava, Taskin’s baked goods are always fresh and use only the highest quality ingredients.

We took this authenticity and freshness and translated it into a truly one-of-a-kind piece: a nature-inspired wall garden that brings an expected twist to the retail interior.

How we created this custom wall garden

Using flat moss as the foundation, we added bunn and reindeer moss to create dimension and depth, along with bushy ferns whose shiny, dark leaves lend a textured, feathery quality.

The unusual shape of the leafy fronds and bushy appearance of the garden moss bring an untamed, natural, and organic look to Taskin Bakery.

Each application is placed in rustic, reclaimed wood planters that are interspersed with the bakery’s products and exposed brick walls.

The result is an organic, cohesive ambiance; the combination of our sustainable wood and greenery creates an inviting wealth of natural textures that draws in customers.

Our moss and leaf garden application complements the interior of the bakery in a modern way.

This is a truly innovative approach to retail design. Imaginative, dreamy, and completely original, we have helped set Taskin apart from other retail interiors and bakeries across the US.

As with all of our pieces, this retail space design offers not only a refined sense of calm in a busy environment but a maintenance-free approach to retail interiors.

The greenery is treated with a nontoxic glycerin-based stabilizing solution that preserves the applications.

The staff at Taskin Bakery can focus on creating delicious treats without worrying about watering or adding soil.

Our designs will retain their fresh-cut, vibrant, and lush look—completely eco-friendly with LEED certification—without any care for five years.