A Preserved Wall Garden for The Rachael Ray Show – New York City, NY

A Preserved Wall Garden for The Rachael Ray Show – New York City, NY

Aug 10, 2020

As our business continues to grow and expand it is exhilarating when someone like Rachel Ray contacts us to partner and make something spectacular. Rachel Ray, known as one of the most creative personas in celebrity, came to us wanting a preserved wall design for her show. Although it was a little intimidating, we were definitely up for the challenge.

A Bold and Lasting Statement

Our goal was to create a preserved wall piece that was unlike any we had done before, mixing both green lush colors with eye-popping vibrant hues of purple and indigo. We varied the textures and lengths to give it a flowing appearance to captivate the senses. Every piece was perfectly planned and placed to design the overall vision that we had. The cascading pieces of fern, moss, and carefully selected preserved flowers are meant to make a bold and lasting statement that we hope people will enjoy for years to come.

What an Opportunity!

We were honored to be noticed by someone like Rachel Ray and showcased on her show. It was a very exciting time for our company to be nationally recognized. Starting out with nothing but a vision and the desire to create something lasting and unique, we never imagined that we would be standing on stage next to Mrs. Ray or that we would be asked to design a wall art piece that would gain such exposure and be enjoyed by people all around the world.

We’d like to thank Rachel Ray and her staff for such a wonderful experience and opportunity. We hope that it is everything she had hoped and more! Not only did you help put Naturalist on the map, we had a whole lot of fun creating a masterpiece from an empty canvas.